Friday, October 16, 2015

By: Malin Levanon, Lo Kauppi, Jan Mattsson others – Göteborgs-Posten


The Thief Honor

Director: Peter Grönlund

With: Malin Levanon, Lo Kauppi , Jan Mattsson, etc.

Sweden, 2015 (97 min)

When we meet her is tjackpundaren Minna ( Malin Levanon) just about to be evicted from his apartment. In a desperate attempt to organize life she blows a dealer on the money. Soon, she hunted not only by the police but also by drug supplier Christer Korsbäck and his torpedoes.

The downward spiral seems equally inexorable Minna as for Frank (Kim Bodnia) at street drama Pusher. By chance, she meets Katya (Lo Kauppi), an alcoholic former nurse who now risk losing custody of his son. The women move in together in a caravan on a camping outside the town, where cohesion is warming despite the misery.

Malin Levanon, who demonstrated his talent in films such as The Herd, The reunion and in the shadow of the heat, making this a portrait crawling under the skin of the viewer. She went in for the role far more than usual noticeable, preparations that included sleeping in jail, lose 25 kg in weight and saw a dental prosthesis – because dental status clearly than many others reveal your social status.

Dynamic Lo Kauppi adds another nerve and is perfect in the role of Katja, who is torn between loyalty and ambivalence.

It is easy to mistake Thief Honor for a documentary. So accurate in every detail, Peter Grönlund’s feature debut that is imbued with a passion for social justice seldom seen. The story grows into a contemporary sequel of Stefan Jarl’s classic A decent life. Poverty and vulnerability portrayed as heartbreaking as in Babak Najafi’s poetic debut film Sebbe (2010).

To let the homeless and criminals involved in Thief honor themselves, side by side with real police and social workers, strengthens the authentic feel. Amateur Jan Mattsson, who is now undergoing methadone treatment, went from prospective statistically to completely excelling in the role as the scarred hardening Christer Korsbäck.

The Thief Honorary moves in the environments even Lars Noren depicts in the play Persons 3: 1, among dealers and users around the plate. Eliminated people passers any time choose to ignore – to avoid seeing.


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