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Titiyo: “There is a bit of Zlatan Brain in me” – Daily News




With the new album “13 yard” is Titiyo back with his first solo album in seven years. This time, in Swedish. Next year there will be a tour of Sweden, starting in January.




With the new album “13 yard” is Titiyo back with his first solo album in seven years. This time, in Swedish. Next year there will be a tour of Sweden, starting in January.

With the new album “13 yard” is Titiyo back with his first solo album in seven years. This time, in Swedish. Next year there will be a tour of Sweden, starting in January.

We meet at a restaurant in Stockholm. “I’m back” says Titiyo jokingly to one of the staff when we sit down. For almost a week ago was under the floor crammed at the release party for her new album ’13 yard “. With the first single “The Queen is Back” came early last summer, the album was expected in autumn 2014, but it would take another year before Titiyo had to celebrate that the plate is finally released.



– It felt so good, it was worth it all pill and extra work. It feels like very many like plate. Not only critics and people who work with music, but people in general. Somehow it seems that people take what I’ve wanted to say with the songs.

Titiyo had his breakthrough in 1989 with the single “Talking to the Man in the Moon” and has released six albums as a solo artist. Last album “Hidden” came in 2008, but after that, she has released two albums under the names Keep Company and El Rojo Adios. After “Hidden”, she has become better able to steer to the product she wants to do. She got the confidence to quickly take decisions on the songs need more work or not.

For the new disc has Titiyo collaborated with a number of musicians, including Jonathan Jackson and Martin Zacharias, who has written several of the songs. Often the text has sprung from conversations about everything possible, for example if home Solna.

– When I work with people my own age they already know everything, we were with the same parties and we have gone through the same periods. It’s fun to work with people who are younger. They are so curious about how it was before. “What did you do? “Where did you live?”.

It was with “So much better” in 2013 that the idea of ​​singing in Swedish was born. Along with Martin Renck she made the interpretations of the other participants’ songs and then, when she thought about what she would do next Renck suggested that she would sing in Swedish. Titiyo himself was skeptical, she did not know how it would sound. “Like you, though in Swedish” replied Renck.

– It felt like something fell into place. I could do 90′s beats and I could make the trip-hop because it was in Swedish. It was something new suddenly. Then it felt like you had a lot to take in.



Photo: Lisa Mattisson

Her involvement in “So Much Better” and “Jill’s porch” was also Titiyo had a different relationship to their audience. They got to see another side of her, and when she walked around in Stockholm, she is often a friendly reception.

– I think I can see right grumpy when I go around so people do not come forward, but programs, they had gotten to know me. I was open to a different way and they were open to a different way.

But the time always have their time. Now it’s been seven years since the last album and it is with a certain revenge that Titiyo now returns with his new album. One of the Swedish songs, “Until the edge” is about the need to stand in front of an audience again and again. That you should show what you’re made of.

There is a bit of Zlatan Brain in me.

– There’s an ounce of Zlatan Brain in me. Sometimes it feels like to be forgotten, one thinks one is never mentioned and it feels like people refer less and less to the music you’ve made. Eventually pushing the one to want to come back.

And Titiyo has the least come back. The album “13 The Farm” has received good reviews in several Swedish media. DN’s critic wrote that “every song bolts of a desire to finally tell you.” Next, waiting for a tour that will run from January 27 until the end of March. That the tour is only next year is a deliberate move by the artist.

– I do not want to do a tour that is promoting the disc. I want people to yearn to hear it live.

The feeling of returning to the stage is bittersweet. The fear before a gig describes Titiyo as pain in the ass. It’s like her to go into battle. But there is always a reward when she steps onto the stage.

– When I feel that everything runs off me. Then it’s just a power in any way. I know it is so, so I put up with terror. It does not really matter how big or small the audience is.

To behave in Swedish will also be a different experience than what Titiyo used to. The new songs are factual and tell a story, unlike English which is more psychedelic.

– To sing these new songs are so much fun. It’s not just my voice that can touch the audience, there are also the stories found in songs.

The gigs will primarily focus on the new Swedish songs, but it will probably be a sheet of the classic songs in English too.

– It’s awful when you’re on the kind of Bob Dylan and he just plays his latest album. It will probably be something for everyone. I’ll probably play “The soul of a friend,” for example, because there probably are some people who want to hear it.

But before the tour there will be more music creation. The urge to do more music on the Swedish left. There are already plans to be reviewed and jam together with Jonathan Johansson and Martin Zacharias again.

– This machinery that started with Titiyo in Swedish must be constantly replenished. So I hope I can give out a bonus track before the tour.

Photo text: Lisa Mattisson






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