Saturday, October 24, 2015

“Pirates Netflix” shut down – Swedish Dagbladet

In a tweet on Friday announced the managers of the site that this would likely be their last announced, and that they thank for all the support. While now closed invites all users to support the new, legal version of the pirate site to be called Butter.

Popcorn Time has been called a “Netflix for pirates” and is used by hundreds of thousands of Swedes. According to International Business Times, many of the developers left the project for fear that we sued by the film industry. It should also have been conflicts about money in the group. The turmoil has meant that those responsible lost control of the site in the past week.

Popcorn Time is a media player for free download that allows users to watch films from the most popular torrent sites . It consists of a number of sites that are related to each other but also compete among themselves. Some of them are still open, but the main site has been by far the most popular.


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