Saturday, October 24, 2015

Miriam Bryant: I was drunk all the time – Aftonbladet

She was a success already in the first program.

Miriam Bryant, 24, is this year’s underdog “How much better” – but totally uninterested in what others think of her.

– I’ve been busy trying to be proud of myself. It will be a fucking life for you to care about everyone else, she says.

Miriam Bryant changed Niklas Strömstedt “The last morning” to “one last time” cheered TV viewers.

Now the predicted 24-year-old Gothenburg dialect get their big break.

Miriam breakthrough with the hit “Push Play” in 2013 and since then, she has toured with Kent .

But when TV4 contacted her to ask if she wanted to participate in this year’s edition of “So much better, “she was surprised.

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Takes place at the table

– Holy shit, I thought. I had heard of the program. But I was not entirely positive to it. I thought that now there is no one who wants to be anymore, she says.

So it was not. Miriam Bryant said yes, and was awarded hence the role as the season’s young rising star.

– It is wonderful to be the newcomer who believed in production this year. That I’m really proud of and it is a rewarding role that I like to take.

Already in the first program she took place – seemingly unafraid of what others think of her. She -vbröt, vowed fresh in Gothenburg and joked when the mood at the dinner table became too severe.

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“People are fearful,”

In tonight’s episode It’s time again.

– I say “fuck” in that section, I can not quite of it. I do not remember, I just thought, “fuck, I said fuck”. But it does nothing, since when did “fuck” a curse word? People are so damn nervous, says Miriam.

But anxious, she is not herself.

– Everything people say to you affect you if you do not fight, especially as woman considering all the ideals that are available.

But sometimes it’s hard to fight back?

– It’s hard. I think there is a continual self-hatred in us all. It is the woman’s eternal curse to never be satisfied with anything that you do and constantly wanting more.

“I am the authority”

Before filming started last summer spent Miriam Bryant five weeks to finalize their songs and productions.

– I had a real hårdtränings- and utility period. Concentrated on just me, sleep shit a lot, drank zero percent alcohol and went on massages.

When filming started, it was different.

– I do not think it can be seen, but it Of course you sat was full. I was drunk all the time. But I’m of legal age and that I am allowed to be, she says.

How does it work when to perform?

– You may not be drinking too much alcohol if you are going to sing in the evening. In Niklas program I was first out on dinner, then they had perhaps sobered up a bit of lunch. Then you could drink five glasses of wine when it was finished. But it was within reasonable limits. It was a very low intensity filling.


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