Sunday, October 18, 2015

Boys’ -skaparen respond to the criticism – Vasterbotten Courier

SVT series “Boys” received merciless criticism even before the first episode was broadcast at the beginning of the week. When the trailer was released sawed series flush with the ankles in both social media by the reviewers.

Now, responding to the series’ writer and director Olof Leth criticism.

– All we who worked on the series have put so much love and soul into it, and feel that we uncovered ourselves through the characters. But just that we like what we have done so sick a lot, so it feels unreal that we have met with such hatred and mockery, he says to Dagens Media.

He will understand that part of the criticism is based on the series, which is about two Stockholm Guys who dreams of love and sex, are exclusive.

– Especially when the stories have been told until now has had a limited perspective which mainly have been male and middle class. I can certainly agree with the criticism of it. At the same time, this is my perspective and my ambition is to show male vulnerability, he said to the newspaper.

Adam Palsson and Armand Mirpor star in the series.


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