Sunday, October 25, 2015

On delightful trip with Grandma – Swedish Radio

Lily Tomlin and Julia Garner plays the grandmother and granddaughter in search of money to an abortion in Paul Weitz’s film “Grandma” which premieres today. Måns Hirschfeldt think it is a delightful film.

$ 630. There is money for an abortion that needs to be arranged to and that most urgently. Therefore turns Sage to his grandmother Elle and well right person, she is a free and liberal soul in a very American way: a poet who worked as a guest lecturer at various universities, feminist, tattooed and lesbian.

However, also entitled sad because her partner Grandma Violet recently passed away and now the relationship with her young admirer of the crash.

Since this is the money also a bit of a problem because Elle cut down all their credit cards and made a wind chime of them on the porch. One of her transmogrifieringar as she says – she be able to live completely free.

So, Elle and Sage embarks on an odyssey to borrow or to request old debts and the become a trip between a number of stations on the grandmother’s alternative life path. That’s how her life was that it became as it gradually emerges, and it is depicted with both a pleasant intellectual humor and with a few well placed hockey sticks in his groin on stupid boyfriends.

It is featherweight told in short one hour and 20 minutes, although construction at times is well clear why there is such a rush to get the money in a day? They may well book about that abortion time?

And if that is so important and so difficult to get the $ 600 you wonder as a spectator why Elle not only sells their car as they go around and as well host type 6000 dollars …

But it is small items on the whole of this a delightful film.


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