Saturday, October 31, 2015

Snow White becomes a playful musical with Nanne and Yohio – Aftonbladet

Clean the Eurovision Song Contest.

Nanne Grönvall shines as wicked queen and witch. Yohio is fun as cocky prince. And Niclas Wahlgren picks up his inner Sune Mang in a double role.

The old story is a playful musical with some horror.

People Sagan is old, but here the modern languages ​​and newly written songs of different variety. Some could have got the second chance in Melodifestivalen, other sounds like house party.

Yohio already has a look and image that comes from any Japanese fantasy, and his appearance fits well in this twisted the saga. He makes his entrance late in the action, but has enough song number to make an impression.

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Fine transformation to Witch

Until then, it is the villain who dominate. In the run-up we meet the grieving king and his daughter, Snow White, whose mother died in childbirth. But then the Nanne Grönvall evil queen and take over the kingdom and the theater. She rules the roost with many spectacular costumes and magnificent songs. She has great contact with the audience quickly understand who to boo about.

Her transformation into witch is also nicely done in the middle of a song.

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tall dwarves

The Queen sends Snow White in the forest where she is murdered, the show’s nastiest moments. But instead allowed Snow White escape into the dark forest where she hides of those here called dwarfs. However, they are tall (in all directions), and all units Konrad. A talking Eva Rydberg-Skåne, a Norwegian, a sound like Sune Mang and a few more female voices.

We also get to meet some dancing rabbits, three shady ravens and the princess very large stuffed animals.

It is contagious to sit beside the child with half-open mouth and staring eyes are drawn into the theater miracle. A mix of fairytale scenography, talented actor, hand-clapping songs and general knasighet.

Va said he, did he say?

Robert Dröse as directed and processed has done a good job. Possibly he can think again on the lyrics “I am a happy shit / I’m Snow White.”

All is not gold that rhyme.


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