Sunday, June 19, 2016

5-year-old attacked by cougar in Colorado – Aftonbladet

On Friday attacked a five year old boy by a cougar ten mil northwest of Aspen in Colorado.

In order to save his son got the mother rip out the boy from the animal’s jaws according to CNN .

It was when the boy and his older brother were playing outside the mother heard screams from the garden. She ran out and saw that a cougar had attacked her youngest son. Police tell the mother that she physically had to pull his son out of the animal’s jaws to save him.

Got injuries on the face and neck

The boy was first taken to Aspen Valley Hospital but was then transported to children’s hospital in Denver, where he received treatment for his injuries.

Despite the shocking incident reported to the boy’s condition is stable. He will, however, have had injuries both in the face, head and neck. While the mother was taken care of for minor injuries on the hands and legs.

After the attack was traced cougar up and killed, according to police who are now looking for another cougar that should have been seen in the area during the day.

Prompts backfire

Although cougars are not unusual in Colorado so they are difficult to spot. Although attacks by cougars are rare with less than a dozen deaths in North America for more than 100 years.
On The Colorado Parks and Wild Life website, there is advice on what to do if you should happen to bump into one. One of the calls is precisely to resist and fight back.

“People have successfully fought back with both rocks, sticks, caps, jackets, garden tools and their bare hands,” according to the website.


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