Sunday, June 26, 2016

Panetoz in the picture frame in the middle of the highway – Aftonbladet

The wheels on the music of the stars turnébil locked themselves – right on the highway.

Now they talk about the drama.

– We had a guardian angel, says Nebeyu Baheru from Panetoz.

the band Panetoz was close to a disaster when they were on the way to Norrköping for a gig. The wheels on the road the car locked when they drove over 100 kilometers per hour on E4. The incident took place near Ljungby.

– We were up early because we were going to a gig in Norrkoping, so I slept. What happened was that the wheels locked up and unable to control so we had to drive off the road. I woke up leaving the runway, it was very nasty, says band member Nebeyu Baheru.

“We had guardian angel”

Nebeyu Baheru say they were very lucky. Locking occurred in a place where there were no obstacles and the driver managed to drive off the road just where a pit soft could receive them.

– In retrospect we are happy that it happened, where it happened. The whole situation seemed like an eternity and we had guardian angel, he says.

Now the band has managed to fix transport to Norrköping so that fans get their gig.

Ordered Salvage

– The car remains. The police ordered recovery. We actually waiting on our new turnébil that will come in mid-June, it was because we had rented this one.

Panetoz is perhaps best known for her song Dancing Pause which sold six times platinum. The band has also reached the final of the Eurovision Song Contest twice.


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