Wednesday, June 8, 2016

SF Studios responds to criticism of sexism and kid culture – Aftonbladet

SF Studios has been criticized for being a sexist guy culture.

Now, they respond to the criticism.

“We have 60 percent women among our employees. We find it hard to recognize us in the way we described. But it does not matter. These are questions that must not be brushed aside lightly, “the production company in a press release.

Hannes Holm is one of several major heavyweights in the industry which has openly gone out and criticized SF Studios, which SVT Kulturnyheterna revealed earlier in the week.

Hannes Holm, who directed the hit film “a man named Ove”, believes that the production company is characterized by a sexist guy culture.

– When I sit in Sweden and works and hear about this wild partying down at Riviera and get to read about them in the newspaper, then I become very angry and irritable. When Swedish film workers working your ass off, and then it pops up champagne parties, yachts and scantily clad girls. Is that what the money from Ove goes to, he told SVT.

“Seriously we described as laddish”

During this year’s Cannes Film Festival rented SF lyxjakten “Naughty by Nature “which typically cost close to half a million crowns a week, reports SVT Kulturnyheterna. SF’s CEO Jonas Fors should have been a regular visitor to the club VIP room where staff posing naked on stage and bar.

Many critics believe that the production charge excessive amounts of their films’ budget.

Now responds SF criticism in a press release.

“of course it is particularly serious when prominent creators and stakeholders in our industry criticize our culture. Our business depends on these creators. Our mission is to produce and distribute entertainment and art of the highest quality with good commercial potential. Equally serious is it that we described as laddish “. READ ALSO “Celebrations, yachts & amp; scantily clad girls “

” is not a sex club “

In the press release responding to SF a number of points that they consider” direct inaccuracies “.

You write that SF not organized or paid for any event at the VIP room in Cannes, but it is a popular meeting place.

“Many of our employees, both men and women, have chosen to visit the club at their own expense outside working hours. One can have many views on how staff and visitors dress in a French nightclub, but it can not possibly be categorized as a stripping or sex club. “

Furthermore, writes SF that rented lyxjakten because it was the most cost-effective solution and that they were not taking out such large margins SVT Culture News reported.


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