Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Still unequal in Swedish festivals – Göteborgs-Posten

Way out West is so far well in terms of gender equality.

Stock Photography: Patrik Sörquist

Sweden Rock in Sölvesborg, however, the worst in the class with 98 percent of male acts.

Stock Photography: Roger Larsson

Even Summerburst is poorly, despite the festival’s stated goal to book more women.

Stock Photography: Olof Ohlsson

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Fun Metal festivals are the worst, while Popaganda and Urkult have best numbers.

The association Equality Festival has come up with a forecast of how the gender balance of the Swedish festival scenes look.

The worst of lies Sweden Rock and Gefle Metal Festival with a large majority male-dominated acts. Close by will Emmabodafestivalen and Summerburst.

see the statistics HERE

Gothenburg festival Way Out West is well so far. Right now they have 57 per cent male dominated acts, 41 percent female-dominated acts and 2 percent mixed.

Still to come bookings, but figures from the Equality festival does not affect the acts booked in this situation, according to program manager Ola Broquist.

– the clear it would be great to have exactly 50/50, but what is important is our long-term work for equality, he said.

Way out West has in recent years tried have equality in mind throughout the booking process, says Broquist.

– There is no hocus pocus formulas. You just have to have it with them all the time.

Genre Specific festivals Sweden Rock and Summerburst often refer to the limitations in their genres, as reasons for the inequality of their bookings. Ola Broquist doubts whether that argument last longer. The wide festival Bråvalla also predominantly male acts like he’s boring.

– We have a common responsibility to the industry. It is a pity that we have not progressed further.


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