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Hellstrom manages to surpass oneself “- Aftonbladet

The concert – song by song

Hakan Steen ratings on Saturday evening Hellstrom gig at Ullevi Stadium:

We two, 17

Long intro where Hakan take the time plenty of time to go down and greet fans at the front. The song intensifies and increases with horns and strings and the audience football workout so it is lovely to. Unauthorised opening.

River a beautiful dream

Hakan seems at first so moved by the thunderous response to the logs in the neck. Then he rushes out on the ramp and gets help from LaGaylia Frazier casting the soul of this escape anthem.

Burning in the shit

This was received lukewarm when it was released last week. At Ullevi becomes a veritable disco rock pop soul bomb where Håkan and LaGaylia duel Mick Jagger usually duel with Liza Fischer.

2 steps from paradise

Stripped opening where Hakan and pianist Stefan Sporsén boil coarse Gothenburg-groove. Then it explodes here, too, with a roaring James Brown-final.

My Gullbergs berth paradise

Hakan singing “oh-ooh-oh-oh” and so-so 70 000 stray cats shouts back. Classic archipelago boogie with fever in his eyes.

I have been in all the cities

Hakan picks down temper with one of his most epic ballads. Brilliant dramaturgi here. Nice also to see on the screens, how the fans at the front crying emotional surge that is rocking.

I know what mud she has been in

Really soul revue- mood tonight. This ballad whimpers Håkan out with so much dedication that I begin to think of James Brown again. The song turns into the remix version of “two steps from paradise”, possibly a little too subtle approach to this kind of venue.

Hurricane Gilbert

And on Hakan’s right: Daniel “Hurricane” Gilbert! We had hoped for a reunion with Hakan and his old guitarist and now stands childhood friends there watching each other’s eyes during the whole song. So fine.

Faith and doubt

Huge version of the most Hakan song of them all. At Ullevi seems audiences have been waiting to sing about the cranes and the clubs and the black thoughts in Långedrag then we heard this two years ago. Naturally the Gilbert roar of the row on the park bench. He looks to go south a little.

A friend with a car

Here is the shake bamalama so it is enough and to spare, and the audience will be understood crazy. But after a monument that “Faith and Doubt” feels this early splash breaker little one-dimensional.

late, the Edelweiss

Sven-Bertil Taube comes in and put into verse to burn Stockholm, to strengthen Taube vibe in the ballad further. Swaying arms, powerful singing and a nice meeting between Swedish visgiganter from two generations.

Gårdakvarnar och skit

A greenish football, Freddie Wadling, Thelma & amp; Louise, Olle Ljungström and Hakan old album cover slides past on the screen while Hakan sings soul deep in the heart of Gårda. Sigh. Which song.


“We go out and burn up in the night and blames everything on our fill cap.” Talk about putting words on the mood of the evening. Heavy, märgig version where the choir postpones the song an extra floor.

Club Country

And if it be boiled up the party so why not this 90 -talsnostalgiska groovefyrverkeriet? Hakan jumps just as frantically out on the ramp as the crowd.

This is the way I say it

Hakan picks up Miriam Bryant looking to make big soul drama also of this old Mercury Rev fit. Hakan becomes so floored that he goes down on his knees and kissed Miriam’s feet. Then they sit at the far end of the ramp and sing verses of Elvis, Dolly Parton and Ted Gärdestad. Nils Berg and Stefan Sporsén frames with beautiful horns. Brilliant.

She’s a runaway

Bryant left the stage, but not even she manages to chase the magic of the weakest song from the new EP. Buy beer and go to the bathroom movements occur balnd inner plane audience.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Hakan begins by showing an old class photo to tell the hopeless glasses nerd he was as a child. And then smashes Hakan its most flumrock’n’roll

Memories of the April sky

Oh, this! Have I ever heard it live before? Hakan builds a far too unknown ballad with painfully beautiful strings and a few bars from Liza Minellis “New York, New York”. And builds and builds and builds. Thousands lit mobiles glistening in the twilight.


“Falling” sitting in the spinal cord of Hakan audience, there is euphoria in a millisecond. But the great thing about this version is actually the long, drawn-tape presentation where the soul Hakan playing Booker T & amp; The MG’s and LaGaylia Frazier, rightly, the biggest ovations.

Come Lena

And now the artist, band, chorus, and the entire arena literally on your toes. So what better time than this speed ball of stasad The Jam-soul? Squeezed away five plus when the single came 14 years ago. It will become in the evening as well.

May Day

Sing at Ullevi, which probably heard all the way to Skansen. The crowd’s big moment in the evening, Hakan can just sit out on the ramp and listening to a song that probably will be in the song books for decades.

When the lamps lit

There are no songs that are more Håkan Hellström than this and “Faith and doubt”. Hakan and the band delivers the closest restrained, which only makes the Gothenburg crime drama even more powerful.

Your time will

When this came, Håkan got shit to try to make arena rock. And yes, it is there after all. But when arena rock manages to be this intense, dense and tumultuous love I arena rock. You who were with understand.

For a long time

One of Hakan’s strongest, darkest songs of love is an old live favorite, and with so much magic in the air that has been work in the evening glides almost by itself until the final at the regular set.


Free to end

Seinabo Sey! Seinabo Sey! Wow. It was an outstanding soul evening already and so will Seinabo Sey. In this! So good thought, and so good! Hakan and Seinabo singing to each other from either side of the ramp and unite to end in a warm hug.

Feel no sorrow for me Göteborg

Yes, how do you “Feel no sorrow” landing after the huge “Free to the end”? The band captures the mood cleanly when embeds the tune of Queen’s “We are the champions” in sailor samba and confetti dizzy over the arena.

There will never be over for me

More arena rock of the most excellent kind. Once again, it’s like something pent explodes, this people have waited a long time. The crowd sings “oh-ooh” long after the band turned the song.

You are almost there

No, Hakan, you certainly was not better before. When he calls out to the choir that they lie and they respond with simmering hot gospel, unfolds one of the most powerful “You’re almost there” that I ever heard.

Now you can get me so light

Hakan send out the tape and while he was grateful for this evening and wish us good luck in life sneaked into a full symphony orchestra that will take place in the fund, nicely illuminated in red. Then, they leave us with a legendary finallåt never allowed more sheer and beautiful.


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