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Freddie Wadling death – artists mourn Star – Expressen

The artist Freddie Wadling’s death, 64 years old.

Now mourned the people dear artist of his family, his fans and his colleagues in the music industry.

– I’m totally speechless, it’s just incredibly sad. He was one of the most influential and colorful people in the Swedish rock music. He was unique, says his friend and colleague Ebbot Lundberg.

The artist Freddie Wadling has passed away. He was 64 years and under his official Facebook page he should have gone away after a rapid course of the disease.

“It is with a heart full of sadness that I must unfortunately announce that Freddie Wadling after a rapid course of the disease, died yesterday on 2 June. Freddie was 64 years, “it says Freddie Wadling Facebook page.

Now the star is mourned by family, friends and colleagues. Ebbot Lundberg from the group The Soundtrack of Our Lives, who knew Freddie Wadling well, is devastated by the news.

– I’m totally speechless, it’s just incredibly sad. I knew him very well. It was one of the most influential and colorful people in the Swedish rock music. He was unique. A damn good person, says Ebbot Lundberg.

At the same time, he is not completely surprised to Freddie Wadling passed away.

– It’s fucking tragic. Freddie was in pretty bad shape. I’m not even shocked, we talked about this last yesterday. First Olle (Ljungström) and now Freddie. That so many have passed away this year, says Ebbot Lundberg.

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Jill Johnson: “Freddie was an icon “

Several artists have published pictures last greetings to Freddie Wadling in their social media to pay tribute to the late musician.

” Freddie death feels heavy. I think of his family and all who knew him. I never met him, but feel sadness because I did not get to know him. I looked very much forward to it. Certainly, the idea of ​​his health passed the planning stage and the concern has always been with the splash around him, but we would lose him now …. yes, it’s hard to take it to himself, “writes the artist Jill Johnson on Instagram.

She was involved along with Freddie Wadling “How much better”, recorded in the summer, but now it becomes an empty place.

“What is happening now in ‘So much the better’, we know nothing about yet, but production team’s thoughts are soft and fine, and no matter what is done in this now, so it will be as it should. Sweden has lost an icon. Freddie had probably had very left to tell. Sleep well Freddie, Rest in peace, “writes Jill Johnson.


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Would have appeared in “So much better”

Little Jinder would also have been know Freddie Wadling in this year “So much the better.” The artist writes about his sadness after the announcement of Instagram.

“Just thinking of Freddie. And all the other unique musical souls just disappear … As Olle. There are not many left now. But as Freddie said,” D could be worse. It can always be worse. Think about it. “You are so missed. I said yes to so much better for that I am so fascinated by you. Now we do not know each other then. But now lift off the ground. And your voice is still with us” writes Little Jinder.

Peter Cetera writes about his meeting with Freddie Wadling in the 1990s and his grief after his death.

“Freddie Wadling is dead. dead. 2016 has been a busy year for the Reaper to date. He seems to have its sights set on the big, unique voices. So terribly tragic. Freddie’s voice was very unique. One time in the 90s, we met at eachother tavern in Gothenburg. Freddie complained that people mistook him for me in the streets. I am proud and flattered that he chose to record a song I specially written for him. You are my morphine. RIP, “writes Peter Cetera on Facebook .


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Swedish artists: “Rest in peace Freddie”

The author and artist Jonas Gardell also writes about the grief. In a post on Twitter celebrates his Freddie Wadling for his efforts and for his voice.

“Freddie Wadlin g has passed away, this Magnificent singers! How does God now? Can we not retain some heavenly voices on earth, “writes Jonas Gardell.

Also the artist and colleague Petter Askergren, who worked with Freddie Wadling, writes of her grief.

” Incredibly tragic! one of the largest, with an indescribable unique voice. So grateful that I got the chance to work with and feel. My thoughts go out to the family. Rest in peace Freddie, “he writes on Instagram.


The artist Richard Herrey has also published a picture of Freddie Wadling and written about her grief.

“A very special man, go old man and artist has fallen asleep,” write he said.

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