Sunday, June 12, 2016

80s nostalgia in Ryder’s new series – Västerbotten Courier

The 80-talsnostalgikerna get her in the trailer to Netflix series “Stranger things” which was recently released on Youtube.

The upcoming series, including second Winona Ryder in the cast, takes place in the 80s and is about a 12 year old boy’s mysterious disappearance in a small American town.

the trailer is reminiscent of cult classics like “ET,” “X-Files” and any Stephen King-screen adaptation of the epoch. Think BMX cycling boys, supernatural phenomena, and cassette players.

The series’ creators, twin brothers duffer, was a child in the 80s and admits that the filmmaker Steven Spielberg’s films from the epoch has been a great inspiration, writes The Telegraph.

“Stranger things” will premiere on Netflix on 15 July.


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