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This can Håkan never exceed “- Aftonbladet

The concert – song by song

Markus Larsson puts rating on Håkan Hellström’s second concert at Ullevi, song by song.

Full review & amp; rating on the concert follows.

“2 steps from paradise”

The show begins with Håkan Hellström and the band goes on stage Freddie Wadling version of “Over the Rainbow”. They are long on one line, silent. They look completely taken out. Then sit Stefan Sporsén at the piano and begins the new and magnificent “Spring, Speedy Gonzales, running” version of “two steps from paradise”. The song could be, given its sound, also have been called “The Wild, the Innocent & amp; The Augustifamiljen shuffle “. Terribly good opening.

“My Gullbergs berth paradise”

It is night two. The brake pedal is unplugged. Seat belts, life vests and parachutes are not.

“Burning in the shit ‘

The band’s best acquisitions, LaGaylia Frazier, takes the song in the hair and lifts it more meter. She and Håkan has its own little “Soul Train” -uppvisning on the ramp. They know their Sam & amp; Dave heart.

“I have been in all the towns’

Sometimes it feels as if it happens more in the song’s six minutes than during a three-day rock festival.

“I know what mud she has been in / two steps from paradise (remix)”

skinless and tender version towards the end switches tracks and seamlessly sewn together with …

“Hurricane Gilbert”

… one of the finest and most personal songs Hellström has played in – the tale of one of his oldest and best friends, Hurricane Gilbert. Gilbert sneaks up on stage, looks like he’s going to break and Hakan stands and sings the song straight to him. Towards the end, when the soul choir chanting “How can anyone believe in eternal love, how can anyone believe in it now?” I understand why the boys and girls at the front collapses.

“Faith and Doubt”

If I had to choose one moment to remain in it is the end of “Faith and doubt” when Nils Berg and Simon Ljungman and Hurricane Gilbert standing out on the tarmac in the middle of a surreal and happy hurricane.

“a friend with a car”

Just ok.

“Too late Edelweiss “

Sven-Bertil Taube guests on the song even in the evening. The refrain, when over 70 million people with extra emphasis singing about burning down Stockholm, is unforgettable.

“Gårdakvarnar och skit”

The text line ” I’ve never been normal, but when I go with you, “summarizes always the unique atmosphere during Hellstrom best gigs. It is as if one’s best friend puts an arm around your shoulders. In the slideshow visible Monica Zetterlund, Thelma & amp; Louise, Ted Gärdestad, Morrissey, and not least Olle Ljungström. I do not go apart when I go with you …


The jet-black text to go out and burn up in the night and blame everything on our heads fill provokes, as usual, a violent euphoria. Towards the end refuses Hellstrom beat of the song.

“Country Club”

cold sweat and anxiety loaded text collides with an indie rave. Yet another example of how much gold there is to recover when the tears and celebration come together in the same song.

“This is the way I say it”

Enchanting version. Maybe Ullevi concert the central number where Håkan Hellström and Miriam Bryant has its own small Lady and the Tramp-performance on stage. On the monitors displayed classic lovers in “A Love Story” and “Summer with Monika” and “Rocky”. Plus, of course, Popeye and Olive and Sid and Nancy.

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

And after “That’s how I say it is” it has a long and redemptive detonation.

“Memories of April Heaven”

one of the best examples of how Hakan and his band can do little as they like with the songs. Extending, turn off, take down, build and destroy. Just when you think they can not throw a song on the set of three switches or moments. “Memories of the April sky” lost in the crowd on the disc. Here is an ace.


After the tape presentation, after the screams exercises, after the announcement of the new attendance record, after the song all the fountains and precipices, after all, when all is done, it will fall together. Air runs out.

“Come on Lena”

madness and folly.

“May Day”

Over 70 000 votes going down on your knees and ask if they get married with the text and the melody. The answer is yes.

“Just about my love waits”

Today’s secret guest – Thåström. “Only if my love is waiting.” National Theatre’s Swedish translation of Bob Dylan’s “Tomorrow is a long time.” Slow and dull where the audience for once is dead silent …

“When the lamps lit”

… and it just continues. After “Pimme” -chocken rising Hakan Hellstrom’s “Into the great wide open,” his “Purple Rain,” his “Brothers in Arms”, perhaps his best ever let up against the sky …

“Your time will come”

… and the concert just continues to roll and grow without any barriers or inhibitions.

“For a long long time “

Although this seems to have an extra lung of soul in the chest in the evening.

” I hate that I love you and I love you so much I hate myself “

Seinabo Sey moving slowly on the ramp, down the middle in the audience and sings almost fateful peace and feeling the first verses. the band slowly fall in and Hellstrom takes over and sing the last words a few centimeters from his duet partner’s face. Afterwards, it hurts all over.


‘Free to end “

After the last song of the regular set will Seinabo Sey rest here tonight. Magical 031-gospel which is really just an extended intro to …

“Feel no sorrow for me Göteborg”

… explode bateria.

“It will never be over for me”

the single, the biggest hit Hellstrom ever had on Spotify, is even worse and even better than “Feel no sorrow for me Göteborg.”

“You’re almost there”

the text line “Hakan you were better before,” which the audience always shouting with great delight, feels like a proper fat lie after this weekend. When Hakan’s voice cracks when he yells “lie to me, lie to me …”. He ends where he belongs, down in the ditch, in the arms of fans who love him above all else.

Encore II

“Now you can get me so easily “

orchestral version. Impossible to shake off. Will haunt one for a long long time.

Markus Larsson


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