Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sanna Nielsen was surprisingly good – Expressen

She took grip of the “Sing-along at Skansen” direct and shared their own pleasure.

It was not unexpected that she would succeed, but she was actually surprisingly good.

Sanna Nielsen summer’s most dangerous jobs. There are expectations of the viewers and slipping it for the TV host of “Sing-along at Skansen”, so CLIP cars from all directions.

But she threw herself out, fearless and enthusiastic, spoke spontaneously and sing, that she can .

It was right to open the Skansen summer with specially written “Here I am”, a personal number in which she introduced herself in the middle in the audience.

Sanna Nielsen was happy and relaxed, but seemed to still be in control. She could sing all the texts, no peeping any booklet.

And you did not see a single script cards in her hand. Therefore it became a personal chat with the guests, not spoken questions. Such do much for the atmosphere.

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Miriam Bryant in hat and big jacket sang a new song so touching that it was quiet at Solliden. Coole Frans rocked rhythmically in the “If I Were sorry”. Tommy Körberg and Helen Sjöholm sang two beautiful songs for the new Benny Andersson Orchestra.

strong field, but it was still Sanna who was the protagonist of this evening and she dared to take for themselves. First in the powerful opening, then a romantic duet with half a meter shorter Moraeus, which she held lovingly on his shoulders.

A personal tour with bouquet of flowers in the audience to congratulate her own mum’s birthday, it could have gone wrong, but here she met the right and unleashed double joy.

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sings, then? Well, Sanna Nielsen worked hard to push the shy and slow Skansen-publiken.Med songs by Cornelis, Winfrey and Lasse Dahlquist, songs that can sing like singing, rolled it up and running.

And on the parquet sang sing-along-stammisen Claes Elfsberg of his lungs.

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