Friday, June 17, 2016

Elisabeth Andreassen of grief for her husband – Aftonbladet

Tor Andreassen, husband of artist Elisabeth Andreassen, 58, died of a heart attack on Monday.

Now, says Elisabeth for the first time about the shocking loss.

“It is a great comfort that Thor was so loved. We will always love you, “she wrote on Facebook.

Elisabeth Andreassen’s make Tor Andreassen died suddenly of a heart attack on Monday morning. He was 64 years old.

Now, says the Norwegian singer of grief in their own words. In a post on Facebook, she describes the situation.

“My dear Tor. For an indescribable loss. We will take care of your boat and ourselves in your spirit. You gave us everything worth having in life, “she writes.

She also directs a greeting to their next of kin.

” Thanks to all who have supported us during these tough days. Thanks to all our friends who are great help. A tsunami of love overflows the girls and me. It is a great comfort that Thor was so loved. We will always love you “.

The funeral will be held in Ullern church in Oslo on Tuesday, reports the Norwegian TV2. In the obituary urged mourners to wear bright clothing.

Elisabeth and Tor Andreassen met through mutual friends in 1992. They married two years later. Together they have daughters Anna 21 and Nora 19 READ ALSO Andreassen’s husband died after a heart attack


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