Sunday, June 26, 2016

Rapper 50 Cent has been arrested by police – Expressen

The rapper 50 Cent has been arrested by police after a concert in Saint Kitts yesterday.

This after he said “motherfucker” on stage, writes TMZ.

Now he must pay a fine.

It was on Saturday evening as 50 Cent, 40, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, after a concert in Saint Kitts arrested by police. The reason was that during his concert plastered the word “motherfucker” – which should not be allowed, writes TMZ.

The Informant tells US entertainment site that 50 Cent before the concert had been warned not to use profanity on stage .

But the DJ had no svordomsfri set of music, and 50 Cent did not remove the microphone when he rapped “motherfucker”. It was enough to get him arrested, according to the site.

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50 Cent to pay fines after the arrest

After the gig, which was before about 40 000 people, police came to the scene and took the rapper to the police station, where he was accused of swearing in public.

that’s according to TMZ a minor offense in St Kitts, but sufficient for 50 Cent must remain until Monday when he will go to court and pay a fine.

so far, it is unclear how much 50 Cent has to pay.

the same thing must have happened for rapper DMX, 2003. He was then pay $ 376 in fines, writes New York Daily News.

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filed for personal bankruptcy last year

in July last year filed 50 Cent for personal bankruptcy after being sentenced in court to pay 42 million kronor to a woman, for having published a sex tape with her.

in rap’s application for bankruptcy was reported that he had debts of between 80 and 400 million, wrote the Wall Street Journal then.

More than a six months before that ended up 50 cents in a controversy with a company. The rapper had then signed a contract with Sleek Audio – released but instead own headphones.

The company sued 50 Cent, claiming he stole their design. The right went on the Sleek Audio’s line and condemned 50 Cent to damages. He then took on about 120 million.

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