Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sanna’s family supported her at Skansen – Aftonbladet

During its premiere as a host of “Sing-along at Skansen” was Sanna Nielsen great support of the audience.

On hand was her boyfriend, mother, father, mother, in-law and several friends.

– We do not meet as often, so it feels great that they are here, says Sanna Nielsen.

Sanna Nielsen partner Joakim Ramsell , 43, was sitting benched in the first row to see their love on stage.

But he was not the only one was in place to support the True – almost all thick relatives had gathered at Solliden. A support Sanna Nielsen says she is very happy.

– It was so funny that large parts of the family really was in place so that we can share this experience together, she says.

Do they come to your performances?

– Especially when I was little, mom and dad with everywhere, but now they are trying to get here and there as well. There is always a bit special when mom and dad sitting in the audience. SING at Skansen True if success: ‘I feel great’


My during the broadcast took Sanna Nielsen to pay tribute to her mother – who filled years.

– I want to take this opportunity to congratulate the best mother on his birthday, namely my mother, she said from the stage.

Then Sanna Nielsen gave his mother flowers and sat in her lap. Then it was time to tear sing “One evening in June.”

– Happy birthday mom. Are you the father? Are you with the audience?

When Sing was over chose Sanna Nielsen to celebrate the success of the family and her partner backstage.


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