Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sanna Nielsen love the place as support – Expressen

Sanna Nielsen love praised his mother for the premiere of “Sing-along at Skansen”.

While there cohabitant Joakim Ramsell on the first line to support the charity.

– fun to celebrate the premiere along with them, says Sanna Nielsen in the program.

for the first time was Sanna Nielsen Tuesday night as the leader of ” Sing-along at Skansen ‘on SVT. She told before the broadcast that she premiered nerves.

– I play good. No, but I have absolutely premiere nerves. But I do not feel I need to worry about me. It’s entertainment, live television and anything can happen. Is there anything that goes wrong, I think it’s quite nice. I can not be too nervous, because then the audience nervous. It is just to convince himself that it dissolves, she said then.

On the site under the “Sing-along at Skansen” was the love Joakim Ramsell. He sat on the first row of dark sunglasses.

While the family was having.

Sanna Nielsen took the opportunity once a program that love tribute to her mother before she would sing sing:

– Before I do that, I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate the best mother on his birthday, namely my mother, ‘said Sanna Nielsen on stage.

Then she sat with her mother, who sat on the first line.

– I’m so glad you wanted to come and celebrate with us, we have often seen, so rarely nowadays, said Sanna Nielsen during the program.

Then began Hosted sing sing “One evening in June.”

– Happy birthday, mom. Are you with dad? Are you with the audience? finished Sanna Nielsen.

In SVT’s transmission starred Frans Jeppsson-Wall, Benny Andersson Orchestra with Helen Sjöholm and Tommy Körberg, Miriam Bryant and Moraeus.

Sanna Nielsen told even before the broadcast Joakim Ramsell would sit in the audience.

– He will sit in the audience, absolutely. Together with the family. I think it’s important. And nice to have the family on the spot. And fun to celebrate the premiere along with them, says Nielsen.


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