Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hakan Hellstrom thanks to the audience for the record – Expressen

He hit two record at Ullevi Stadium this weekend.

Here’s Hakan Hellstrom’s first words after the success of the concerts.

“The word thanks is not enough for everything this. Should be another word to take, “writes the artist on Facebook.

for the third time in a row, beating Gothenburg Son Ullevi attendance record on Sunday – a full 70 144 people looked Håkan Hellström’s play.

now, writes Hakan Hellstrom on Facebook and thank the fans.

“Hello everyone! Two images that sum up one’s emotional state now … the word thanks is not enough all this. Should be another word to get to. gosh … Audience, guests, musicians, guards, crew, stage builders, everyone involved who made it possible. Thank you for letting me be with, “writes Håkan Hellström post.

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Hakan Hellstrom hit a record at Ullevi

Sunday’s record beating number of visitors from the day before. Then totaled 70,091 people in the audience for Håkan Hellström concert. It meant that he beat the previous Ullevi record from 2014, which he accounted for when the figure landed at 69 349th

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Thanked the audience through declaration of love

on Sunday evening took Håkan Hellström this opportunity to thank the audience through a declaration of love.

in a speech to the fans compared the artist Ullevi gig with David’s fight against Goliath.

– to play this for you is an indescribable honor. It’s so damn big. Maybe it’s a little strange. It probably think you do too. Being from Vastra Frolunda, to have a voice like mine, to be a mediocrity in most ways, and get to play here. If I may be a bit pompous, and I want a day like this, you can compare it with David’s battle with Goliath, to get from Vastra Frolunda, and here, to this enormous social utopia cemetery, said Håkan Hellström from the scene.

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