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The requirement for participants in SVT’s love soap: “Put down the” – Aftonbladet

Now the former participants in SVT’s acclaimed reality show had enough.

Together they demand that the channel stop plans for another season of “Married at first sight “.

– It is completely absurd to proceeding with a new season when so many fared badly, says Matilda, one of the participants.

Not one of the six couples who have so far taken part in SVT’s love soap” Married at first sight “is still a couple.

Several of the participants have taken sick leave for the period of the program and some believe that SVT has not given enough support.

When the channel is now going out and looking for new participants for a third season, they put before the participants because the foot down.

– It is quite absurd to proceeding with a new season when so many fared badly. As soon as they finished filming disappeared all the support, says the former participant Matilda.

Requires closure of the open letter

The protest is clear.

In an open letter signed seven of the program’s past participants urges the immediate closure:

“After two seasons of totally unsuccessful matches, lies and slander from production and more sick of our participants, we now require that SVT put the program,” they write in the letter that Nöjesbladet taken note of.

Emily Unsworth , which was featured in the first season of the program, has been pushing the issue.

For her part, ran the cup over when she found out that SVT used by her and Mathias Thunblads relationship as an example of how good it can go after the program, when the channel searched participants to a new season.

– that’s bullshit. They have ridden the wave that we took out the divorce immediately and used it to attract new participants. The producer asked us to wait to create more excitement in the program and not disclose to viewers. Then have used it as the main attraction, she says, and continues:

– It is not the truth. It is pure fabrication. I would never recommend anyone to expose themselves to this program, says Emily Unsworth.

For the second season of “Married at first sight,” she sat and several other participants in the talks with both SVT and production company Baluba and expressed its criticism.

– we were open and quite hard with what we thought was bad and had several comments that we said they should consider. It’s still about people’s lives, but they sat there and nodded and felt well more like it was a nice coffee break in their eyes, in order to listen to us, they did obviously not, says Emily Unsworth. READ ALSO The profile warns: Do not search for the program

“Do not”

SVT, on the other hand, believes that the specific has listened to the participants. However do not recognize the picture that everyone would be unhappy with the program.

– The participants from past seasons has been in talks with us expressed very different experiences of the recording period and the time after. The vast majority, however, said that they learned a lot about themselves and what kind of relationship they are looking for, type SVT’s program manager Christina Hill in an email to Aftonbladet.

Why are you doing a third season despite criticism from a majority of the former participants?

– Married at first sight initially received criticism, mainly from those who had not seen the series. After two seasons, we can conclude that the audience has embraced both the series and the brave people who contributed insights on modern relationships and given us the tools to talk about their own circumstances. We know that the experiment has been successful in several other countries, and sincerely believe that we can reach all the way here in Sweden, responds Christina Hill in the mail.

Warns people from applying to the program

Emily Unsworth hope is that SVT will take until the of the letter and put down the program. How will she and the other participants are not with the hope they still feel that they scare away new applicants.

– I do not care really SVT. I care about those involved and would urge people not to search. So that they can not do another season. Driving people on the bottom is not ok, she says. READ ALSO “Married at first sight ‘profile on its pill addiction


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