Friday, June 24, 2016

Springsteen: “Always the best in Gothenburg” – Aftonbladet

Touchdown, boss.

Bruce Springsteen has landed in Sweden.

Just before half past three in the afternoon arrived the star to Landvetter Airport.

– it is always best in Gothenburg, said the superstar, later at the hotel.

Ten of the three in the afternoon it started to move out Landvetter airport. Three black cars rolled out onto the runway along with three escort vehicles.

A half hour later landed superstar Bruce Springsteen , who came to Sweden in a private jet from London.

Springsteen’s band members arrived in Gothenburg already yesterday but remained mostly at the hotel both Thursday and Friday morning.

in addition to some walks and fast autographs for the fans, the band made no significant efforts to splurge during midsummer Eve.

at 16 o’clock flocked fans at Elite Plaza Hotel in Gothenburg. Superstar first chose to sneak in the back door – but arrived just after the back and signed autographs and waved to fans karan outside.

– It is always best in Gothenburg, said the superstar when he met the fans.

Later in the midsummer Eve gathered the band members of the E Street band on the boat St. Erik in the harbor Lilla boom in Gothenburg. Together with friends and family were seen among other guitarist Steven Van Zandt drinking wine on the deck.

Even the chef Leif Mannerström was on the boat and took guests.

Quarter past six left the boat harbor but Bruce Springsteen.

Twenty-nine in the evening the E Street Band back to the hotel for three hours at sea. Bruce Springsteen still had not been seen since arriving, but the takeaway in the form of both pizzas and salads were in the back door at seven.

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