Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Anton Yelchins family can sue automakers – Aftonbladet

The Jeep Grand Cherokee squeezed to death Anton Yelchin would have withdrawn by 2015 because of a serious error.

Now, “Star Trek” -stjärnans family sue the car manufacturer the million sums, writes Hollywood Life.

– the family will likely be able to get millions of dollars in a lawsuit, said attorney Mychal Wilson.

actor Anton Yelchin died in a tragic car accident on Sunday morning. He was found pinned on his driveway between the car and a mailbox that was stuck on the building’s security gate. He was 27 years old.

Exactly what caused the fatal accident is still not known, but according to several reports, the car model Jeep Grand Cherokee has been involved in many accidents where the car has rolled off because it was unclear whether it had been in driving or parking mode. READ ALSO Bilfel may have killed Star Trek star

Would revoked

The manufacturer Fiat Chrysler has recalled more than one million vehicles of the same model because several drivers inadvertently failed to achieve the parking position before they went out of the car.

Anton Yelchins car was withdrawn in 2015 because of such Gear fault, but the error was not.

According to Hollywood Life Anton Yelchins family will be able to sue Fiat or Chrysler dealership on millions of crowns for the accident.

– Consumers damaged by car-related faults are entitled to compensation. The damage would cost millions and family will likely be able to get millions of dollars in a lawsuit, says the lawyer Mychal Wilson to the site.

“Includes compensation”

The actor family has two years to decide whether they want to sue the car manufacturer or not.

– the compensation that can be awarded to Anton Yelchins survivors include financial compensation, financial support, gifts and benefits they would have received if Anton lived, says Mychal Wilson.

Fiat Chrysler is currently investigating whether bilfelet was the cause of the fatal accident.

– It is too early to speculate about the cause of this tragedy, says the manufacturer to the site Gizmodo.


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