Friday, June 24, 2016

There is something special when Springsteen is here – Expressen

A few weeks ago put Håkan Hellström new attendance record at Ullevi Stadium, Saturday took the hard rockers Iron Maiden same arena.

Bruce Springsteen has received stiff competition for the title of King of Ullevi Stadium this year. But now he is back and for three concerts show where furniture should go. Should Ullevi keep the pressure when Bruce invites you to dance?

When Bruce Springsteen got its massive Swedish breakthrough 1984 Born in the US, I was only eleven years old. I must honestly admit that I was not so very interested in the rock where the guy from New Jersey. In my own turquoise green cassette rolled rather hits of Madonna, Cindy Lauper and Wham. M I have a strong memory of my parents, who rarely bought records, came home with the album with that red and white striped cover and how the songs from the album were played over and over again at home.

It was the year before the two acclaimed concerts at Ullevi Stadium in 1985 when the audience jumped down the arena. Since then, the love affair between Bruce Springsteen and Gothenburg only grown. There is something special when Springsteen comes to town and it feels like that the feeling is mutual. Each time he has come to Gothenburg, he has invited up to an amazing music festival and the audience is invited back with lots of energy and joy.

I have myself missed all those parties over the years. In line with such bands from the 80′s, I have seen a number of other concerts while Bruce was something I gladly handed over to my parents and their friends. Without having heard much I dismissed the phenomenon as looking rather Springsteen, rock-like and far from the pop and indie music that I as a teenager preferred. But that was before I discovered The River.

Melancholy, texts and intensity stressed than a nerve in me, and suddenly I understood greatness. It is a record that survives cleansing of my playlists year in and year out. It may be left for now and then they pop up that lonely evenings when The River is the only option in my headphones. So now when Bruce comes back with a tour based entirely on the disc that opened my eyes and ears of a genius, nothing can stop me. I will not write some long lists of songs for the evening or holding up a sign. I look forward to hearing the title track and live myself in the sense of how frisky youth, naive and noisy emotion goes into hopelessness, unemployment, and sadness. I hope to be able to travel along The River by Bruce and The E Street Band – it will be great.

I will of course will not be alone at Ullevi. In addition to the thousands of fans come GT broadcasting live television from 17:00 and the whole evening. We liverapportar course of the concert, Anders Nunstedt will put wasp rating and you will be able to follow the entire visit to Sweden.

Please come and meet us at the Henry Hjörnes place from 16:30 , listen to Bruce Interpretations, meet wasp and get your own Bruce Springsteen headline.

on Monday, you get a second chance. Where are we on Kungsportsplatsen.

Bruce and all second- welcome you to Gothenburg and summer’s big party! Here we go!


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