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Bieber nasty case through the gap in the scene – Expressen


When Justin Bieber had a concert in Canada, he fell off the stage – and hurt a lot.

The whole event ended up on video .

Justin Bieber, 22, had a concert in Saskatoon, Canada on Thursday.

And according to the video to TMZ gained access to went artist forward on the stage – the audience – but suddenly disappears Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber fell off the stage

the American entertainment site writes that he fell through a gap during the concert and it sounded quite dramatically. But Justin Bieber jumps after falling on stage again and is heard to say something to the audience in microphone.

It does not seem to be any danger to him, despite the case, writes the site.

After the concert wrote superstar on Twitter:

“the top concert tonight.”

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got into a fight – Bieber wrestled down

Recently ended Justin Bieber in the spotlight because he at a hotel in Cleveland got into a fight. It was in early June, he began to fight with another person at their hotel. Surrounding them were a number of others who tried to intervene – but the whole incident, which occurred at 23 o’clock, ended with Justin Bieber wrestled to the ground.

Why Justin Bieber and the other person started fighting you know not, but several entertainment sites wrote when he was in Cleveland for a basketball game, and in which he had a sweatshirt that read the Cleveland Cavaliers.

he should also have received many requests before the altercation from fans about taking photos.

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set meetings with fans

Earlier this year Justin Bieber news that he set all his “meet and Greet” -tillfällen with the fans on their tour. The reason behind the decision was that the superstar was depressed by the meetings.

“I love you fans … But I will put all my Meet and Greet-times. I love to meet with you fabulous people, but it always ends up that I feel so exhausted and filled with so many other spiritual energies that I become empty and unhappy, “he wrote on Instagram.


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