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“In a Köping” filmed again – Express

TV success will return.

Now, filmed it for a new season of “In another part of Koping,” as the VLT was the first to tell you.

the protagonists Linda Hammar, Mats Halvarsson, Michael Wiseby and Torbjorn Jonsson should have accepted the invitation.

It is now the weekend recordings being in Koping and also a time to come, as the VLT was the first to tell you.

and TV4 confirms the recording in a text:

“Yes, it is true that we just started recording a new season of “in another part of Koping.” it is now more than six years ago, we met our friends in Koping later so we think it is high time for a happy reunion, “writes Frederick Arefalk, channel director for TV4 group, in a text message.

VLT writes that there has been a series of preparatory meetings, including Stockholm as late as a week before the filming of a new season of “in another part of Koping”.

Among other things, the previously formed the main characters in the series – Linda Hammar, Mats Halvarsson, Michael Wiseby and Torbjörn “Tobbe” Jonsson – have agreed to participate, according to the newspaper.

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“In another part of Koping” hit of 2007

the documentary series “In another Köping “began airing in 2007 on TV4, where viewers had to follow a number of people in a group home in Koping and comply with in their everyday lives.

It could be everything from scavenger hunt, bowling, amusement park visits to the journeys and other events that viewers got to go on.

Linda Hammar Filip Hammar’s sister, and he was in previous seasons one of the producers of the series.

won several crystal-rates

in total, sent three seasons of the series, the last one was released in January 2010. Before that, the series won the TV award the crystal in the categories this year’s program and this year’s documentary program at the gala 2007 was the year after nominated for this year’s documentary.

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the first season of “In another part of Koping” was followed by nearly a million viewers.

– It feels great to get to do another season. Last summer was the best in my life and now it’s maybe one such summer again, said Linda Hammar when it was clear for a second season.

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