Sunday, June 5, 2016

Alice B: “Håkan Hellström wrote that I am looking for publicity” – Aftonbladet

He apologized and gave their support openly on his Facebook page.

But according to Alice B sent Håkan Hellström an entirely different message in a private text message to her.

– He wrote that I was looking for publicity and likes, she wrote on Facebook.

in an interview with GP told Alice ” Alice B “Boteus, 27, that she never got paid for his participation before Hakan Hellstrom concert at Ullevi 2014.

Alice B then developed it in an interview with Aftonbladet:

– Now I sit and try to pay for my new album that I pay myself, I do not know how to do. Then cut it in his eyes that he draws in lots of million for two concerts. I would not take any of his glory, he is an amazing artist and has worked there, but the fan a cinema ticket had been nice, she said.

Hakan Hellstrom’s camp immediately went out on his Facebook page and gave Alice B support:

“Hakan himself never negotiates and he has assumed that Alice B has been paid. He is disappointed in how it been handled. He is also an artist and has been in the exact same position.

Alice is cruel “.

” Know that I am cruel “

But according to Alice B was the tone towards her hard internally with Håkan Hellström.

“Hakan went out on his facebook yesterday with a post and I was very happy to, I know I’m cruel. However, I received a text this morning from Hakan to the contrary (I will not publish the text message in its entirety), but it was about that I would be looking for publicity and likes, that I negotiated, I would think it was a funny thing – ‘grateful.’ “she writes in a post on his Facebook page.

When Nöjesbladet looking for her now she does not want to comment on the matter.

” I have said the last of it, “she writes.

will meet

Kristofer Akesson on the organizer Live nation says, however, for Aftonbladet that they will meet to discuss the matter when Håkan Hellström concerts are over.

“We have contact with Alice’s representatives and will meet next week, “he wrote in a text message. READ ALSO “Hakan is disappointed with how this been handled”


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