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Sanna Nielsen requirements SVT – before the premiere – Expressen

Sanna Nielsen surprised viewers by paying tribute to her mother on the air.

Now, says TV host of the requirement for SVT – and about love tributes backstage after the broadcast.

– I just wanted Kuppa into it, but I felt it, we have a program time to follow. They were caught on, she says.

She was a great success its first sing tonight.

Sanna Nielsen, 31, made the go premiered as host of “Sing in Skansen ‘on SVT and immediately became popular with viewers.

– I have never had a more enjoyable evening than I have now. I am almost moved. It was magical and fun. But I’m also glad that the premiere is over, because it’s so much you have worked with. I’m just happy and happy, says Sanna Nielsen.

Surprised audience

In the live broadcast, she surprised viewers sharply when she announced that her mother Ingmarie Hägerstrand, who was in the audience, filled years.

the host said congratulations and then they sang sing: “One evening in June.”

– I’ve thought about ever since I got this job. I knew it would be premiered on June 28, and I thought that it is clear we must Kuppa a happy birthday greeting to the mother. She has not known anything, says Sanna Nielsen.

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Sanna Nielsen requirements – wanted congratulations shelf Mom

Sanna Nielsen told SVT that it wishes to congratulate his mother very early in the process.

– I said it’s very early, we can not Kuppa this out. Actually, I did not say anything to SVT, I just wanted Kuppa into it, but I felt it, we have a program time to follow. They were caught on, she says.

Ingmarie Hägerstrand was as surprised as the audience.

– I was very surprised and surprised. What a birthday present. I never thought she would do this, but there is much she surprises with. It was a great program, she has been really good, says Ingmarie Hägerstrand.

Even dad Christer Nielsen and his partner Joakim Ramsell sat in the front row of the audience. Sanna Nielsen says that the support of love means a lot.

– It’s great to have him here. He ran here from a rehearsal, so he got only an hour before. It’s really lovely. He is so supportive and positive in every way, she says.

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Joakim Ramsell “I am proud cruel”

Even Joakim Ramsell was satisfied.

– I’m cruel proud. It was great to see that she had fun. It was as I had hoped, says Joakim Ramsell.

After the broadcast would Sanna Nielsen celebrate with love and his colleagues with cake.

– I have received a True-pastry from the bakery in Bromley, so I was going to invite all the cake here now, who want to have. Hang out with all good friends and colleagues. There will probably be a fairly early night, I must say, we are going up in the morning and work with the next program, says Sanna Nielsen.

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