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After tonight Hakan knows that he can put the Ullevi stadium on fire – Expressen

Gothenburg. When Georg Håkan Hellström, the supposedly shaky knees, walked into his hometown, indeed the whole of Sweden, the largest arena for the first time was the crescendo of a crazy idea to become a reality.

He would play at Ullevi. Before the nearly 70,000 tickets sold, it must have been quite nervous. Was it an unworkable idea?

But the evening in 2014 was just like these, it was warm like a summer night’s dream and spiced with celebrity guests on stage. Veronica Maggio and Håkan Hellström sang her single “Full House.” Gothenburg Profiles Captain Red, Tomas von Brömsen and Freddie Wadling made the acclaimed versions of Hell’s solid work. Even the title role in “Feel no sorrow,” the movie based on Håkan’s songs, Adam Lundgren had their time in the backlight.

Artistinhoppen used to honor Håkan Hellström at his huge day – then did not even know Hakan himself to Ullevi would become a tradition. But guests were also there to certainly give the crowd value for money.

I can really hear Håkan Hellström Oja himself: “But they can not come just to see meeej” on his humble göteborgska sometimes balances on the verge of self-effacing. “I’m just a skinny kid with a centimeter-thick glasses from Västra Frölunda.”


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but when it came back it was the memory of the extensive guest artist supply jammed the audience. But it’s not like that … that crowd come here. Sure, it may feel luxurious and fun to treatas with surprises at a gig.

And I’ll admit that I think Håkan Hellström and Miriam Bryant’s love of spectacle will give him a new hit, for a whole new audience. Out with the version of “This is how I say” only, and Håkan Hellström’s indie gem has gained an “So much better” effect but that he even approached the TV program.

But. Hakan guests have with them can not be classified as a surprise. Rather, something to expect. The days before the concerts were clean “Guess the Guest” -leken. Focus ended up wrong.

And this weekend, he had a crystal clear singing Miriam Bryant as a duet partner.

Unexpectedly came Seinabo Sey as a welcome ace up his sleeve. On Saturday in the “Freedom to Finish” and on Sunday with a full redemptive beautiful “I hate that I love you and I love you so much I love you.”

The last day did Thåström and Hakan historical let the multitude, Ulf Dagebys “Just about my love waits” and it was cool and everything. Lovely Sven-Bertil Taube contributed a fragile deep in the ballad “Too late for edelweiss” as Hakan wrote with the elderly in a home in mind. Touching and meaningful. And Daniel Gilbert appeared in a logical and emotionally strong reunification, considered almost as a guest appearance.

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Very pretty effort each one itself.

But in my opinion disrupted the whole concert, bubble Hakan and his band creates gaps every time a new artist will take place on stage. It becomes like a Håkan Hellström-gala, a “Hellstrom with guests.”

But Hakan can own. All these over 140 000 people who come here, all sung and danced. Everyone who wanted to “You’re almost there” would never ever end. They have come for Håkan.

And after tonight know Hakan he can put the Ullevi stadium on fire.

After tonight, he must have the confidence to save the guests to another time.

Now it’s actually time for Hakan to throw those thick glasses. He will not need them anymore.


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