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Bo Strömstedt words were not just words – Swedish Dagbladet

T idigt on midsummer evening morning fell asleep Expressen’s former editor in chief Bo Strömstedt after a brief illness. He was 87 years.

Stay Strömstedt when he turned 75 years old. Photo: Björn Larsson Ash

location is Halmstad theater, the year is 1995, the scene Bo Strömstedt.

He talks about “Löpsedeln and inside” ( Albert Bonnier) – a journalistic life summed up in 510 dense pages of his 30-year deed at Expressen, Sweden’s then largest newspaper.

But the book also contains attractive depictions of Bo Strömstedt’s youth and upbringing; if Dad Harald who was the pastor of the local Pentecostal church, about studies at Lund University but mainly on how the interest in the written word and the literature was awakened in the early years.

Stay Strömstedt wrote, changed, nuanced, formulated on, tried again. For him, words are not just words. They were magic, power, like a higher being – who wrestled, took place and literally move mountains.

During the Lund years he began to publish texts in the BLM, Bonniers Literary magazines, and Swedish Literature Magazine inspired by her professor literature, Olle Holmberg.

Just Olle Holmberg’s importance as a source of inspiration is described in his memoirs: “in the years I tried to talk to Expressen employees of the word – even skiljeteckens – accuracy, I imagined Olle Holmberg over my shoulder” writes Bo Strömstedt.

eventually, he came to Stockholm and Expressen.

But it is Bo Strömstedt outstanding ability to understand the deepest meaning of the concept of public education as we will remember him.

If this tells he that spring evening in Halmstad theater. I, a then 27-year-old editor at Laholms Tidning, was fascinated by his unique ability to get us all in the audience to join him in experiencing the drama during the night when Olof Palme was murdered, altercations in the courtroom during the so-called Game scandal, publication strategy behind Ebbe Carlsson- the store. In short, with him the smell of printing ink.

He also told the story of Astrid Lindgren, one day, called to tell me that she had written a story about Pomperipossa that pays 102 percent of the tax. She wondered if he wants to suppress it.

It wanted Bo Strömstedt.

The then Minister of Finance Gunnar String responded to the author’s posts in the tax debate betrayed “deep osakkunskap of tax . But we ask not mean that Astrid Lindgren should be clear, “he said.

Astrid Lindgren said Swedish Radio the day after:” But I ask that Gunnar String’ll make it. If there is someone who has miscalculated, it is the National Tax Agency, for it is from them, I got the numbers. String can tell tales, but the count, he apparently did not. We should probably change jobs, him and me. “

the year was 1976, and The Social Democrats lost the elections a few months later.

How strongly can the power of words to be. It knew Bo Strömstedt.

Bo Strömstedt front DN building in Marieberg since 1977, he will succeed Per Wrigstad as editor of Expressen. Photo: The Press Photo / TT

But it is Bo Strömstedt outstanding ability to understand the deepest meaning of the concept of public education as we will remember him. Strongly rooted in a literary form and with an unerring feel for the little man’s struggle against the sovereignty, he used the power of the tabloida news journalism. From there, in the combination, was his uniqueness.

Bo Strömstedt remains an important model. His journalistic integrity must also survive our time digital media landscape.

There is a difference in being populist and educator. When many other European countries tabloids, especially the Anglo-Saxon, devoted themselves to just crude populism and indignation of journalism was Bo Strömstedt and his Expressen a clear course.

Sensation, lurid headlines, bang … Sure. But he always managed to combine the broad, popular journalism with a warm humanity and strong integrity. Our two Swedish tabloids had probably had a very different publishing focus today if it were not for Bo Strömstedt heritage. Therefore, it is almost impossible, 25 years after he quit as editor of Expressen, that does not relate to Bo Strömstedt and what he stood for.

For many of today publisher , myself included, Bo Strömstedt one of the greatest journalistic idols. For those of us who work in the media industry today, continually challenged by US giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon and LinkedIn, it’s more important than ever to have a clear journalistic compass.

There remains Bo Strömstedt an important role model. His journalistic integrity must also survive our time digital media landscape. If not risk something quite basic and vital in journalism to go out of style.

Facts: Bo Strömstedt

Born: May 4, 1929

Dead 24 June 2016

Family his wife Margaret, son Niklas, daughter Lotten

‘s Cultural Expressen 1961-1976

Editor Expressen 1977-1991


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