Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Deep Purple set the Sweden-spelninganra – Expressen

Deep Purple set both Tuesday’s concert at Grona Lund and Wednesday’s concert at Liseberg.

The reason is one of the band members become ill.

“at present there are no concrete plans for compensation concerts,” writes organizer Live Nation on his Facebook page.

Deep Purple two gigs in Sweden was one of rock highlights of the summer, but the same day as the first of the shows will be held, on the Grona Lund on Tuesday announced that they are set when one of the band members is ill.

“Very boring for anyone looking forward to see them, but while we fully understand that they must put health first, “writes Kristofer Akesson on the organizer Live Nation, in a text message.

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From the organizer side do not want to tell anyone in the band of ill how serious it is.

“Have unfortunately no more information,” he writes on.

the British band Deep Purple was formed in 1968 and is one of hard rock’s pioneers with hits like “Smoke on the Water”. The band has sold over 100 million albums.

At Grona Lund is a great disappointment that the concert is now canceled.

– Of course it’s really sad. We know there are many who have been looking forward to this concert, including us, says Annika Troselius, Information on Grona Lund.

But how many visitors are affected can not answer.

– we sell no concert tickets at Grona Lund. You solve one entrance and as you enter, says Annika Troselius.

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It is unclear how many of Grona Lunds visitors who come just for the concert .

– it is always difficult to say in advance how big the audience a band will draw, but it is completely full at Grona Lund then it is 17,000, but it is impossible for us to say about Deep Purple would have preferred full, she said.

at Grona Lund has not received as many reactions to the canceled concert.

– Just when it is canceled because of illness so think I think people have an understanding of it, says Annika Troselius.

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