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So good was Bruce’s second concert at Ullevi – Aftonbladet

Ratings song by song

Mary’s Place

“Are you ready for a swedish house party?” No solo opening tonight , Springsteen begins with the great soul party from the album “the Rising”. Insidious and casual intensity with Steven Van Zandt, Patti Scialfa, and Nils Lofgren on fine soulkör. Go from Bruce hush Ullevi Stadium to cheering “Let It Rain” -final floating three meters above the stage floor.

Out in the street

“River” -serenad starting down at the riot fence and ends with the E Street Band squeezed at the same microphone and try to drown out the crowd .

My love will not let you down

Would have originally been part of “Born in the USA” disc itself, but was first unveiled at the box ‘Tracks “. Adrenaline Rock that always feels like a love letter to the fanatics at the front. After a storm of guitars, Max Weinberg, as usual, a kind of audition to replace the drum Animal monster in “The Muppets.”

“No Surrender”

Still one of Springsteen’s most beloved, romantic and best lyrics about friendship. Towards the end he yells rapid order, the band members have to rush out to each other and ask what song they should play, and gitarreuforin picked one second down to a …

“Something in the Night”

… “Darkness on the Edge town” -Drama. One fateful road movie that takes place on the empty roads far beyond urban streetlights.

“Candy’s room “

the swarm of guitars return immediately. E Street Band blaring and rattles and crashes and seems to knock their knuckles bloody on the instruments before they …

“She’s the one”

… continues to chew barbed wire in the brilliant, explosive love and Bo Diddley-inspired number from “Born to run”.

“Sherry Darling”

it’s really the loud garage rock band in the cramped rehearsal room with concrete walls standing on the stage right now. Springsteen’s tribute to American subgenre “fraternity rock ’60s, party recordings where the audience sounded twice as loud as the music. Think “Wooly Bully” by Sam The Sham & amp; The Pharaohs.

“You can not look (but you better not touch)”

Steven Van Zandt really love the fast “River” -låtarna. And the furious pace of the attack and the scene grows …

“Two Hearts / It takes two”

… as the wind and rain . Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrells soul duet wrap and pass on the fly.

“Independence Day”

A monologue! The exclamation point is justified. Springsteen talks briefly about the song, a stunning ballad about the eternal tussle between children and parents. Country-colored version which is close to the original in “The River.”

“Hungry Heart”

After the introduction, with two exceptions been a hard fist, feel the heartwarming singing exercise almost redemptive. Springsteen and Jake Clemons stands in the middle of the boiling sea and the audience, so to speak, throw the logs in the fire that spreads across the Ullevi Stadium.

“Jole Blon”

Oh, yeah. After Springsteen gathered up a bunch of wishful signs E Street Band delivers a splendid rarity. Springsteen wrote the 1981 soul artist Gary US Bonds, the man behind “Quarter to Three”. Glowing mixture of Phil Spector’s flickpop, cajun music and fourteen tablespoons of sha la la.

“The price you pay ‘

Now the name of the tour,” The River tour “, finally feel a little justified. “The price you pay” is a song that should also get the most fanatical Springsteen fools to gasp for breath. For so many, many years one of the most sought after rarities. Should have the same status as “Badlands” and “The Promised Land” in setlistorna.

“The River”

Powerful and dimmer version, although it at times sounds as if it is a sour and wet cat and hisses in the harmonica.

“Racing in the Street”

“She stares off alone into the night, with the eyes of one who hates for just being born … “the concert has been completely changed character, from attack to something that you are listening to. In the long outro dancing Roy Bittans hands over the keys. Finger gloves makes almost fire. Crescendo stretched to the horizon.

“Lucky Town”

The Wishing Hour continues. Who held up this sign? Yellow card. There’s a number of other songs that deserve this location. A number of. Rescued by an inspired guitar work by Bruce.

“The Promised Land”

The same astonishing interchange Saturday. Never stop growing. Steve Van Zandts solo, Jake Clemons saxophone, harmonica and a finale of life-affirming despair and desperation.

“I’m a rocker”

And now the bastard picks up … Batmobile? The old farfisaorgelmonstret from “The River”? Ok. Certainly. The E Street Band has never sounded as much Gyllene Tider on record. Or at Ullevi. It actually works better than expected.

“Working on the Highway”

Bruce has feeling back. “Ob-la-di, ob-la-da” in the cowboy hat.

“Darlington County”

Mister Bruce replace the guitar and the ignition key and start the great and all-wheel drive “sha la la” -trucken again. And as usual “at home” purrs the gas-guzzling beast around the rear wheels.

“I’m on fire”

could write more here, but tonight’s “I’m on fire” just a short introduction to …

“Tougher than the rest”

… another completely crunching ballad that Bruce Springsteen plays far too infrequently. Especially that duet with Patti Scialfa. If I could I marry moment when Bruce and Patti sings in the microphone.

“Because the Night”

“I’m on Fire” and “Tougher than the rest” and “Because the Night” is a brilliant trio . It feels as if the songs belong together and reinforce each other. The version of “Because the Night” is just … incredible.

“The Rising”

The energy of “Because the Night” also spill over here. It gives a new luster to a 9/11-serenade that would otherwise start to feel weak and exhausted.


Springsteen, indeed the whole band is the most and tan as they roll out their beloved juggernaut. Just when you think that version can not fly higher takes the batch again, and again, and again. Afterwards, the audience singing the wordless melody even higher in anticipation of additional numbers.



Outstanding. Raw power. Rock Theatre does not get better. The intro where Springsteen is quiet with upright guitar and the audience loses it and holding up tens of thousands of mobile phones, the middle with Steve Van Zandts solo, the breathtaking saxophone solo by Jake Clemons, the sad end.

“Born in the USA”

Feels even in the evening, given the reactions in the stands, as Sweden’s unofficial national anthem. Thundering and uplifting antipatriotism. Breaker where Max Weinberg plays hurricane directly exhausting.

“Born to Run”

Part of the parade issue is still as wonderful crazy after all these years.


the title glimpsed past on one of wishful signs as Springsteen gathered for about two hours ago. the roaring pick the car is starting to lose its luminosity as encore. It sounds and feels as if Godzilla rises from the sea and tramping through Manhattan.

“Dancing in the dark”

“Hey, baby … “in the dance party where people from the audience will get up and dance with members of the E Street Band sees a little girl with earmuffs so terrified that Springsteen has to carry her back. and some dudes in hats can jam with his idol.

“Tenth Avenue Freeze-out”

Over the years, developed into a touching and unrivaled tribute to the E Street members who have passed away – Clarence Clemons and Danny Federici.


“Is there anybody alive out there?” “If you’re alive, if you’re alive, if you’re alive, I want you to shake your ass now! “Insane cover of the Isley Brothers. Completely crazy. A roller coaster of “Can I get a witness” -gospel and furious intense soulpop. Would not have been surprised if the foundations of the stadium moved fifteen meters in the evening.

“This Hard Land”

Acoustic solo finish. Also, this is a song that was meant to “Born in the USA” album, but Bruce did not work out in the big picture at the time. A very fitting and beautiful ending to another great concert.


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