Monday, June 27, 2016

Here crashes Jay Leno when recording – Aftonbladet

Jay Leno was involved in a nasty car crash on the set of her TV show.

The former talk show-legend flipped a car during a stunt that went very wrong.

– It does not get more exciting than that, says Jay Leno in the program.

the former talk show host Jay Leno , 66, got a hefty ride during the filming of the program Jay Leno’s Garage on NBC.

in one of its segments would Hosted sit in the passenger seat of a car with a stunt driver who would perform so-called “Wheel stands”, which more or less means that the car rears with the front wheels in the air.

lost control

But the ride, which was on Jay Leno’s to-do -list since childhood, went very wrong.

Stunt driver lost namely sudden control of the car in a left turn and flipped.

the entire ride is caught on camera, both from the audience and from the inside of the car .

escaped with scratches

Jay Leno and his stunt driver, Bob Riggle , 80, had guardian angel.

to seemingly serious crash resulted not, in any injuries.

instead, one could literally dazed Jay Leno to step out of the car and soberly conclude that:

– It does not get more exciting than this there.


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