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David Guetta celebrates Swedish Zara Larsson – Expressen

Zara Larsson and French DJ David Guetta tokhyllat made an appearance at the Stade de France at the European Championships opening ceremony. Now tell Guetta why he chose Zara Larsson to the official Euro song.

– Zara Larsson is the most interesting young artist right now, says David Guetta when he visits Stockholm to play at Summer Burst.

David Guetta has just come to Stockholm and receives in a hut behind the main stage at Summer Burst. There are a couple of bottles of wine and a large fruit platter but the French DJs a tea. He is dressed in black jeans and black T-shirt and it hangs a long necklace around his neck.

– I have just been through the biggest event in my life, and smiling happily.

He is referring to his gig at the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Thursday, in connection with the European football Championship. He himself was born and raised in Paris and has always dreamed of playing right there. And with the terrorist attacks against a concert last year still fresh in memory, it became even more emotional.

– I want to get people to be happy together, that’s my thing. It felt especially important after what happened in Paris.

David Guetta and Zara Larsson EM

On Friday Guetta did another thing he dreamed of. Then he played an official Euro song “This one’s for you” inside the Stade de France during the opening of the European Football Championship. Along with Zara Larsson.

– I was very honored to even be asked to do the song. And so I invited Zara to join in and do it, it made me even happier.

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David Guetta discovered the Swedish singer when he went by car in Los Angeles, where he was to make his upcoming album.

– I heard her on the radio and loved what I heard. When I learned that she was Swedish, it was even better, David Guetta clears his throat and continues:

– I must say one thing. You Swedes are not normal. It’s crazy how much music you produce. Not only artists, you are absolutely amazing producers as well.

Why did you choose to work with right Zara Larsson?

– She had a voice that suited the song I wanted a young artist.

What do you think about Zara Larsson’s future, she invests internationally now?

– she is already an international star. And she’s only 18 years old. She is amazing and super talented. She can sing and dance … I think she’s the most interesting young artist right now.

Guetta: “Very emotional filled”

How did it feel to perform in front of 80,000 football fans ?

– It was very emotional on. Completely mad, I thought I would faint. I can not believe Zara did it so well, she’s so young.

What did she say afterwards?

– She just said “oh my god “! She did not understand what was happening until afterwards.

David Guetta would not say when the next album will, but he is looking for a sound that’ll fit the new disc. Although Guetta been in business for 30 years would not repeat itself.

– I think dance music is at the end of its cycle. And I want to find a new sound. For the first time in my life I do not know what it is. But I want to get people to have fun. It’s what I do.

Another Swedish DJ and producer Avicii announced earlier this year that he finishes touring. Avicii is a close friend of David Guetta.

– It makes me very sad that he had to stop. But it’s not an easy life. It is incredibly much pressure. Even his great and rapid success … It is exhausting and difficult.

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But David Guetta have no plans to stop playing live.

– No, it’s my life. Sure it’s stressful, but it is always for me. I depend on the energy performances give. Although it afterward is completely empty. Completely empty.

Like football itself?

– I’m no expert. But it was magic inside the stadium on Thursday. As a religious experience. And it reminds of my gigs.

What is your relationship with Ibrahimovic, who of course played for Paris Saint-Germain for many years?

– Full the team actually came and saw me play in Las Vegas. So when I met them all!

How do you up before a gig?

– Never interviews anyway … It was just today.

Guetta throws a little with the blond, shoulder-length hair and his record company representative knocking on the door. It’s time for the show.


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