Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fort Boyard ‘profile corrupted – Aftonbladet

André Bouchet in “Fort Boyard” has hurt the foot – and has been forced to stop recording.

Fort wizard therefore involves only a few sections of the autumn season.

– We miss him of course on the day and think of him, writes Host Agneta Sjödin on Instagram.

French actress André Bouchet , also called Didier , has guided round the contestants at the fort since its inception in 1990. But this year, he could not participate in all programs – because of an injury.

It tells TV host Agneta Sjödin in a post on Instagram.

“This year, injured his foot awkwardly and could only be in a few programs. We miss him, of course, on the day and think of him, “she writes. READ ALSO television profile in the accident on the recording

“Does a great job”

In the post she shares an image on the other the wizard, Anthony Laborde , which has been in the “Fort Boyard” since 2009.

“Anthony does a great job and together we manage to get it together. Gunde and I find the addition pretty well by now. But our thoughts go to Didier and he quickly gets better. Hugs from Fort Boyard “writes Agneta Sjödin.

Multiple damage to the fort

Two students have been injured during the recording of” Fort Boyard “. In last week damaged Samir Badran foot so severely that they needed an ambulance. The same day injured Doreen Månsson , which landed wrong on a protective mattress and hurt his leg.

Last year, crushed Rickard Soderberg his shoulder, and Anna Book received ambulance ride from the fort after injuring his stomach.


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