Friday, June 3, 2016

Ebbot Lundbergs anger after Wadling death – Expressen

Ebbot Lundberg takes Freddie Wadling death hard.

But it also makes him angry – he gets upset about how he believes that his friend used.

– I’m a little pissed too. He was driven by too much. Utilized says Ebbot Lundberg.

Freddie Wadling demise has left the music industry in mourning.

The acclaimed artist died suddenly. He was 64 years old.

Ebbot Lundberg takes the news hard, he says.

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Ebbot: “Fucking tragic”

– fucking tragic. He was in pretty bad shape. I’m not even shocked, we talked about it last yesterday. First Olle – now Freddie. That so many have passed away this year. I am completely speechless, it’s just incredibly sad, says Ebbot Lundberg.

Ebbot Lundberg call Freddie Wadling for a “nice” man. The two were close.

– I knew him very well. It was one of the most influential and colorful people in the Swedish rock music. He was unique. A damn good person, says Ebbot Lundberg.

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Ebbot Lundberg upset after Freddie’s death

But Freddie Wadling death makes Ebbot Lundberg also upset. He thinks that Freddie used.

– I’m a little pissed too. He was driven by too much. Used. He was a nice man that I have a feeling that they drove by, said Ebbot Lundberg.

Hakan Hellstrom writes on Facebook about grief.

The artist stood Freddie close, and takes his death hard.

“Freddie Wadling loved. for us that played alternative music in Gothenburg was Freddie a godfather. a legend. I thought sometimes that he would outlive us all. all the love you Freddie. Thanks for everything and thank you for letting me share the stage with you, my idol, and become your friend, writes Hakan Hellstrom.

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