Saturday, June 11, 2016

Despite doubt consolidates Muse live their expertise – Express

Despite doubts consolidates Muse their live skills.

They saved by their magnificent stage show.

It should be said that I am ambivalent Muse as a band. No one can take away from them their enormous success as a live act and the devoted fans that lift the show at the Globe. But often they sound like a mishmash of other bands and the most frightening of all, akin to dull Muppets Nickelback.

On this tour, it is the biggest wallet opened to build a completely custom Muse -värld on stage. Before it can only be impressed. While masked soldiers marching in, lowered 11 luminous globes from the ceiling all accompanied by a recorded version of “Drones”. It is incredible and the crowd go crazy.

The round stage placed in the middle of the Globe spinning and where they stand in a spectacular light show that takes your breath away.

The first part of the concert ordained primarily for the latest album “Drones”. Here, the band has tried to create the feeling of the message they want to convey with the songs of warfare with drones and there’s the science fiction elements in the form of cyborgs on the screens.

This is urskickliga musicians stay in sync to get. But they have minimal contact with the audience. It is at first glance a little pity. On the other hand, was probably one of the dystopian mood been lost if they had joked with the audience.

It is not uncommon Muse compared with bands like U2 and Queen, and there are many similarities. It’s as if we have embedded them and even Coldplay under a thick blanket made of flesh and aluminum.

It is mastiga songs to be delivered. And it sounds loud. There are times that a guitar solo is fun but then there are also times when a guitar solo sounds like the “Reapers”, and then want to go home.

But the elaborate stage show that acts as its own stage play , doing this tour well worth seeing.


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