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Danny Saucedo was convicted – by Jill Johnson – Expressen

Tripping, private plane and a hangover Danny Saucedo who devoted a few.

It was an eventful day when all of this year “So much better” -artister gathered on Gotland.

– I’m damn hangover. It was celebration and music. We never went to bed. One must live, it’s yolo said Danny Saucedo.

Shortly after nine in Sunday morning landed the private plane TV4 hired to transport Jill Johnson, 43, to Gotland island. She was first on the scene of the three “So much better” committers who joined Sunday. The star wore sunglasses and had a guitar case over her shoulder when she met the press gathered to receive her.

– The flight went well, nice pilot. I was actually at the controls. There was a sexsitsigt plane. It was an experience, it is a privilege to be artistic sometimes, says Jill Johnson.

But during the flight, she had also been affected by headaches.

– I have had migraines. But we should well remedy, she says.

– We do not headings. It’s just a little headache. No seriously.

“So much better” has started

A button hours later landed Tommy Nilsson 56.

– I like meetings. It will be fun to meet others. Jill is an old friend. Little Jinder should be a blast to hit, I have worked with her mother as well. We certainly have a lot to talk about, he says.

The duo sat in a car and shoot, followed by a car from the “So Much Better” -The production, off to Visby to pick up artist colleague Danny Saucedo, 30, who was waiting at Packhusplan.

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Danny had spent the night in Visby, where he had been at the wedding.

– It was svinkul. I have dedicated a couple. I have no license, but they have already married in a civil ceremony so I kept the ceremony. It is the second time I do it. I’ll apply for marriages, he said.


– I’m a little hoarse today. I’m damn hangover. It was celebration and music. We never went to bed. One must live, it’s yolo.

Jill Johnson brought down Danny Saucedo

At 12:30 trio arrived to the inn Grey Goose. Danny let out a scream when he stepped out of the car in front of the inn, and Jill Johnson were quickly ahead and put a barrier for him so that he fell to the ground where he lay there for a while.

– They gave in me right then, he said, then jokingly.

at four o’clock, it was time for all artists to lock themselves in the barn, to play late Freddie Wadling songs.

– There will be extra emotional. It feels very empty and disconcerted that he is not here. It is difficult to grasp that he is. I had no relationship with him at all before, my relationship was that I looked forward to getting to know him, says Jill Johnson.

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– But I think we all agree that we want to make a nice tribute. It will probably be felt. There is a large, public grief, he’s gone.

Although Danny Saucedo felt sorrow for the planned tribute.

– It is very sad that we are full strength and he jerked away us so quickly. I really looked forward to getting to know him and talk to him. Not to draw a shadow over someone else – but I looked most forward to seeing him. I knew nothing about him, did not listen to his music. But after that we would interpret each djupdök I in his materials and saw a very deep, a very light and darkness. I really wanted to find out who he was. I recognized myself in some places.

Since Saturday was Josefine “Little Jinder” Jinder, Lisa Ekdahl and Magnus Carlson in place.


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