Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Macho culture makes women leave SF Studios – Aftonbladet

SF’s management says that you do not recognize themselves in the description that there is a sexist guy culture.

But since 2013, some twenty women decided to leave production , reports SVT Kulturnyheterna.

– There is a fundamentally tough macho culture, which for instance is okay to brag that you hire escort girls, says a woman who has chosen to leave.

2013 took Jonas Fors, president of the SF Studios. Since then, some twenty women, several high-ranking positions, stopped because of the crude and sexist jargon, reports SVT Kulturnyheterna.

– It’s a bullying culture, sexism and bullying, paired with a business morals shabby, says one of the women to the channel.

another says it’s okay to brag that you hire escort girls. She also says that it is not possible to question the behavior if you want to be left behind.

– This boils in the freezer, because it becomes so difficult if you want to remain. Either you have to like the situation and find a way to relate to it, or you have to leave, she said to SVT Kulturnyheterna. READ ALSO SF Studios responds to criticism

SF Studios has recently been criticized for management have feasted on an expensive yacht in Cannes and at a club where staff posing naked. The director Hannes Holm has testified about a sexist guy culture.

SVT Culture News writes that they have tried to get an interview with Jonas Fors several weeks, but that he first today commented on the criticism in an email.

– We have half of women in management and executive positions. We have 60 percent women in our workforce. But we will evaluate this and see what we can do to be even better, he writes in the email.


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