Sunday, June 26, 2016

Annette took selfie with Bossen – before 62,000 people – Aftonbladet

She was invited onto Bosses scene.

Then took Annette Dahlin Johansson, 47, from Sjuntorp a picture to immortalize the event.

– it is probably the year’s selfie, she says.

she was on stage for the over 62 000 people.

Annette Dahlin Johansson , 47, from Sjuntorp outside Trollhättan were treated at Bruce Springsteen’s scene at Ullevi rushed heart – but she kept his composure and immortalized everything with their mobile phone.

– It took a bit of time when I fipplade with PIN, but he waited and looked happy. It is probably the year’s selfie I think, she says, laughing happily.

During guest appearance on the stage hung Bossen her a guitar, but she kept a cool head even then.

– I can do not play guitar, but can take some chords, so I put your fingers on it and thought “here we go!”. This happens of course only once.

Not the first time

But that’s not really true.

In fact, Annette invited up on stage once before.

– I was at three concerts in South Africa in 2014 and the second concert he picked me up. There is a feeling that can not be put on.

So the emotions swung sharply when the boss approached her at Ullevi Stadium yesterday.

– He looked at me and said “Come on Jake “. I had made a sign that he was looking at, I felt that he began to walk slowly towards where I stood. Then I felt that “he is coming to me, he’s about to me.”

SPRINGSTEEN IN SWEDEN How good was Bruce’s concert at Ullevi

Clemons played live in the living room

in the guest game, she saw to take a turn at saxophonist Jake Clemons , the nephew of legendary Clarence Clemons . They have a special relationship.

– We know each other a little bit, he has played in my living room.

How is it?

– I emailed, he likes to play at other places than the big stages so he came to me and played for me and 50 friends.

When the boss visited Sweden last for three gigs in Friends arena in Solna saw Annette to have a chat and perform the most essential.

– I said “next time you come to Sweden to go to Gothenburg and Ullevi” and then he said: “yes I’ll think about it “, and now he’s here.

Looks eleven concerts on the tour

at this year’s tour, she will see eleven gigs, yesterday was the sixth and Annette says that Gothenburg got to see a brilliant show.

– It was the best concert of this whole tour. It was in Gothenburg, at Ullevi and I was with.

After yesterday’s emotion she got her queue number to Monday’s concert, since it was a trip out on the town the night. But the nerves were difficult to fold.

– I have not slept so much, hoarse voice, but is very happy, she says.

You live in Springsteen’s hotels, have you seen him there?

– No, he absconds. Or maybe he ate before me. I was hoarse and tired and it was a bit much.

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