Thursday, June 9, 2016

Today presented this year’s summer talkers – Aftonbladet

At 13, revealed this year’s summer talkers.
Last year, spoke several exciting profiles. Among other things, the young artist Zara Larsson and youtube profile Clara Henry.

13 o’clock today held a press conference at the Radio Hall in Stockholm. Then reveal P1 which this year’s summer talkers are. First time listeners could hear sommarprat are the June 29, 1959 and this year it’s time for the tradition to continue.

Secret hosts

This year’s hosts poured secret choosing just like the past years topic and music all by themselves. Last year summer talking among other artist Zara Larsson macho culture and feminism. Arash “Ash” Pour Nouri , the manager told us how he built Avicii and YouTube profile Clara Henry took up the subject of menstruation. big interview with Clara Henry PLUS “I got tired on the issue of boyfriend “

a summer host revealed

Already, Swedish Radio revealed one of the people who will talk for years. Emilia Lind is voted as the listeners’ summer host. She is a student and will talk about his life growing up as dandelion children.
– I will tell you what it’s like growing up with a mentally ill father and a single mother. There will be about to lose everything you have and then build it up again. If the feeling of loneliness, to choose his family and to get through it as you never thought possible, she says to Swedish Radio. READ ALSO PLUS “Summer” in P1: chief reveals celebrities’ anxiety: “He was crying after”


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