Saturday, June 25, 2016

Here are the celebrities naked in new video – Expressen

Here is George W. Bush, Donald Trump, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian – and others – naked together.

The rapper Kanye West’s new music video visible world celebrities lie naked in a large bed.

Bizarre, called it already. Rapper Kanye West new video has just hours received the world to react. In the video, which belongs to the song “Famous” from the rapper’s latest album “ The Life of Pablo “, visible world celebrities lie naked on the line in a bed.

The people representing the US ex-president George W. Bush , Vogue editor Anna Wintour , the presidential candidate Donald Trump artists Rihanna , Chris Brown and Taylor Swift , Kanye West himself with his wife Kim Kardashian , musician Ray J model Amber Rose , Olympic medalist and reality show star Caitlyn Jenner and actor Bill Cosby .

Why the different persons selected for the video now speculation game. Kim Kardashian is namely next ex-boyfriend Ray J, while Kanye West is next to Taylor Swift as he rapped that he had sex with.


Rihanna placed next ex-boyfriend Chris Brown is also something that is challenged when Brown sentenced for assaulting the singer brutally .

Actor Bill Cosby is in turn the put on trial for a large number of sexual abuse .

Kanye West himself has not said how many – if any – of the people in the video that is the picture, or if doppelganger and animations picked up. A representative for Donald Trump says that it is absolutely not the presidential candidate who appears naked in bed, writing entertainment site TMZ .

The video premiered before 8000 people on a three-meter screen at the Forum in Los Angels on Friday night, reports the Daily Mail .

at the same time it was released exclusively to people with Tidal music service.


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