Saturday, June 25, 2016

So good was Bruce’s concert at Ullevi – Aftonbladet

The Promise

Springsteen begins alone at the piano with the fans, the long-unreleased rarities from the “Darkness on the Edge of Town” era, which is a kind of continuation on “Thunder Road”. Sad, melancholy and strong.


The band comes in for more “Darkness …” but with a very different temperament. This he opened with before, and that always makes it work. Audience football workout in the classic breaker and the concert is truly rolling.

Out in the street

“Put on your best dress, baby …” tonight’s first ‘the River’ ‘Let’s maybe the best piece “week is over” -rock’n’roll ever written. And rarely as vibrant as the Ullevi Stadium. Swaying arms and sing more.

The Ties That Bind

More “The River.” This we heard Springsteen scratch for a long time earlier in the day, which seems to have paid off. Charged version.

Sherry Darling

Club Romantic Asbury Park-rock of “The River.” Hilarious and fun, Bruce, Patti Scialfa, and Steve Van Zandt hold about each other and sing into the same microphone.

My Lucky day

the striking difference of the initial five classics and this rakrockande haul from “Working on a Dream “.

Wrecking ball

more recent Springsteen and more pith of this, although the singer seems to tear a little with a cold throat. the real attack in voice missing from this angry folk rocker.

Spirit in the Night

“Can you feel the spiiirit?” the gospeljazziga story of Crazy Janey, Wild Billy , Hazy Davy and Killer Joe always feels like its own little show in the show when it appears in the setlist. So also here. Groovy stuff. and pastor Bruce manages to roar away rosslet the neck.

Save my love

yet all too rarely heard gem from the box “the Promise: the Darkness on the Edge of town story”. Chimes and saxophones and a wonderfully happy melancholy melody.

Hungry Heart

Sing at Ullevi. E Street band’s own Sanna Nielsen, then Bruce, leads the choir far out in the audience. Celebration and merriment, waving hands and long, lödigt saxsolo by Jake Clemons.

My city of ruins

Soul ballad written about Asbury Park, New Jersey, but became an anthem which gave hope and courage to America after the September 11 attacks. The day after brexit works the same way. Professor Roy Bittan get deserved jazzaplåder for piano solo.

You Can Look (But You Better not touch)

Ramalamaramaloo. Bruce and Steven Van Zandt coats around the mike as if they were teenagers at the club The Stone Pony again. This smoker is like the …

Death to my hometown

… as this Irish racket. Probably 78 times more fun to play than to listen to.

My Hometown

Fortunately, is followed by another song on a similar theme. One of Springsteen’s most melancholy ballads, in the beautiful arrangement we have heard in recent years. The rain begins to fall matches the mood perfectly.

Johnny 99

Tonight’s first bilåkarrökare. Steady pub’n’roll where Bruce sends around solo among members and Jake Clemons making valuable contributions to both scissors and cowbell. Fantastic finale to borrow wildly from Little Richard’s “Lucille”.


Heavy tape version of an epic folk song that I prefer the more toned studio version. But Nils Lofgren solo is spellbinding good.

Murder Incorporated

After the terrorist attack in Orlando, I can understand why it fits in the set. Musically, it’s, unfortunately, quite boring, brölig concrete rock.

The river

No Swedish Springsteen concert is complete without the ballad of dreams, illusions and everyday terms. Unusually dimmed and sensitive tonight.

American Skin (41 Shots)

Springsteen gives its political side a lot of room in the evening. This true, restrained angry story of police brutality and racism becomes a nice breathing space of reflection. “You can get killed just for living in your American skin”.

The Promised Land

Rock History’s most redeeming harmonica intro. In the evening explodes into the sky over Gothenburg, to paraphrase another free Ullevi king. One of Springsteen’s greatest moments, in an unusually pithy delivery.

Working on the highway

On the road again. Legs Apart, dielseldoftande tjo and tjim like fun diversion while waiting for the final race. Handclap-SM in the audience.

Darlington County

And even a dunk bilboogie from “Born in the USA”, more high-octane and “Honky Tonk Women “-riff extra greasy feeling. Shalala so it is enough and to spare. Nils Lofgren will sing a verse and Springsteen cuddle with tonight’s broadest smile.

Waitin ‘on a Sunny Day

The rain falls but the crowd chasing it away with swaying arms and the evening’s most deafening sing. A small guy will come up and sing and Bruce is really Dr. Feelgood.

I’m On Fire

Much “Born in the USA” tonight . Brown Stig ballad sung in small letters.

Drive all night

Wipe the tears, baby. Everything will be fine. Springsteen’s finest ballad was unheard already in Barcelona but the question is if I ever heard it more beautiful and more heartfelt than in tonight’s lengthy, sober muted delivery. When Bruce shows and Jake blowing gently in the shears I become too thick in his throat.

Tunnel of Love

Springsteen should always play more from “tunnel of love “. The title song from his great album about adult love sailing away with an understated elegance that has only gotten stronger with the years. Lofgren shines again on guitar.

Shackled and Drawn

A cool Bo Diddley-riffing intro opens sadly out even one of those piece Irish frejdighet. Hardly my favorite side of this man’s artistry, if we say so. But the audience tjoar for dear life.

Because The Night

I hear of course to those who think that Bruce never come near Patti Smith here, but as Ullevi crowd lifting. And Nils Lofgren spinning the place-solo is pure guitar euphoria.

The Rising

Now the audience as on the toes that even this comparatively little one-dimensional rocker gets surprisingly light feet. Closest … brutal fotbollsläktarstämning.

Land of Hope and Dreams

One of Springsteen’s finest songs in the “modern era” is not only an epic and dramaturgical masterpiece. When he connects it with Curtis Mayfield’s “People Get Ready” rings on which few songs in the directory into who this guy is, what he stands for and coming from.

Born in the USA

it feels like Springsteen’s perhaps most misunderstood song on this tour gained renewed fervor of the current political situation in the United States. Unusually dedicated and cursed tonight. Max Weinberg will rumble of the drums in front of a sea of flickering fingers.

Born to run

always thinking that I must try to control myself here. You can not sit in the press box and raise his fist and roar “iN AN EVERLASTING KISS !!”. But it fails miserably, of course, in the evening, too.

Seven nights to rock

I know very little about rockabilly artist Moon Mullican from Polk County, Texas but I am eternally grateful that he gave Springsteen chance to set fire to the Ullevi Stadium this evening. Satan in the street which rock’n’rollbomb. this he must run on Monday too.

dancing in the dark

Over Happy girl must get up and dance with Springsteen? Check. Over Lucky guy gets to come up and dance with Soozie Tyrell? Check. Overjoyed woman can come up and dance with Jake Clemons and play guitar and take selfie with Bruce? Check. The audience goes bananas? Oh yes.

Tenth Avenue Freeze-out

The picture collage that pays tribute to Clarence Clemons has been featured on a few tour rounds now but is a part of the show you do not want to be without. Tears squeezed with a smile on his face when a soulrusig Springsteen sings about how the Big Man joined the band.


The Isley Brothers old breakthrough shit from 1959 a soul bomb monumentale already in the original. But on this tour has the E Street Band discover an extra dimension of euphoria, was chased by time changes and restart the restart on reboot. Bewildering good.

Bobby Jean

One of the most poignant songs about friendship ever written, and an equally tasteful as beautiful exit for E Street Band in evening.

Thunder Road

Bruce is alone on the stage, hanging on to the acoustic guitar, picks a few notes, gasping a bit of harmonica and starts singing “The screen door slams …”. Since helps the audience to rest. Powerful in its simplicity.


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