Sunday, June 12, 2016

TV4 hired illegal plan to “So Much Better” -artisten – Aftonbladet

TV4 rented a private jet black to Jill Johnson could get to “So Much Better” -inspelningen in Visby.

The company that they hired the plane of unlicensed to fly commercially.

– There is a big difference to fly privately and commercially when it comes to quality and safety, which is why we require permission, says Gunnar Ljungberg, Head of the Transport Agency.

at 9:14 on Sunday morning arrived Jill Johnson in a private plane to Gotland. Actually, she would have flown from Malmo with SAS, but because of the strike were attrition in. TV4 chose to rent a plane.

TV4 rented plane, model Piper Malibu, of Karlebo helicopter. But the company has no license to fly commercial, which Jill Johnson trip counts as because TV4 paid for it.

-To fly commercially without permission is a crime and can lead to prosecution, says Gunnar Ljungberg, Head of the Transport Agency. READ ALSO Here lands artist – with private plane

Does not meet safety requirements

To get a license to fly commercial it is required to meet certain quality and safety requirements. Planet Jill Johnson was flying with only one engine – to fly commercially across the water requires that the plane has two.

Gunnar Ljungberg reacted to the news that Jill Johnson flown to Visby in a Piper Malibu.

– I reacted spontaneously when I saw information about an artist flown in this type of plan, it’s not so common that they are used commercially, he says, and continues:

– We will check this. READ ALSO why joined Danny later than the other

“Must check it out”

Nöjesbladet have been in contact with TV4, which promise to come back with a comment.

– I can not comment on it now, I have to check it out, says Catherina Barnard, press contact for “So much the better.” READ ALSO PLUS The 10 best songs in ” so much better “


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