Friday, October 21, 2016

A pervert politicians that is similar to the Donald Trump – Göteborgs-Posten

Democrat Anthony Weiner, who wanted to become mayor of New York, made it a habit that during the election campaign to send sex sms and snuskbilder of himself to various women

movie reviews Documentary about democrat Anthony Weiner who sent the six-text and snuskbilder on itself to a variety of women.

American politics as a mass media circus with the lure of live soap opera we get to see in the documentary Weiner.
2011, it was revealed that democrat Anthony Weiner sent sex-sms and snuskbilder on itself to a variety of women. After the first blånekat forced Weiner to admit and then to give up his place in the house of representatives.

Two years later, and with the full support from his wife Huma Sajjad (who is friends with Hillary Clinton), set Weiner up in borgmästarvalet in New York city. He embarrass himself again. New snuskbilder has been sent to new women. AMERICA’s talk show hosts has got something to talk about in the several weeks forward. Weiner will be mocked and reviled from all sides.

Unlikely enough, he chooses to continue the campaign. Think Weiner that he not made any errors. No criticism bites on this politician. Everything just runs by him. It is close at hand to compare with Donald Trump.

Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg, who made this documentary shows how new social media altered the political landscape and how politicians ‘ private life is now scrutinized as hard as the political messages.

Something really grip if Anthony Weiner may directors, however. He is a pervert sex addict or simply a self-destructive idiot? We get no clear picture. The film’s protagonist is skilled at not saying anything about anything. Weiner remains a mystery.


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