Saturday, October 29, 2016

Magnus Carlson of mourning: ”I am very cracked” – Aftonbladet

Within the space of a year died, both his mother and father.

"So much better" will be Magnus Carlson, 48, is emotional when he talks about the grief after the death of the parents.

– I noticed that I had not made up with that they are gone, ” he says.

His father Jananders had just come over the grief after his mother Elsie. Then he got pneumonia and died.

In tonight’s episode of "So much better" elements Magnus Carlson with the grief after their parents ‘ death.

the Recordings made him realize that he did not come across it.

” I’m very cracked. I am ensambarn and have no siblings to share the grief with. I myself am on it. I don’t know if you ever come across it, ” he says.

Magnus parents met early in life, and his father, who has been bullied, built up their self-esteem with the help of Elsies love. When she died, died of something in him.

– My dad couldn’t live without her, ” says Magnus Carlson in the program.

"It was very sad"

Jananders got cancer, but struggling to be healthy. When he suffered from pneumonia, could he no longer.

” It was a very sad way, my dad died. He died at a stage when he had decided to live again. He went on a strong cancer treatment and was weak, but had decided to live. It was like he had gotten through the grief after my mother’s death. But then he got pneumonia and died, ” says Magnus.

His death came as a shock.

” My mother was so very sick when she died so it was like a relief, but this I was not prepared for. It was like when someone is killed in an accident. SEE ALSO PLUS They serve the most and the least in TV4-success

Brås on his dad

Thanks to Weeping Willows bombastic, melancholic melodies, Magnus Carlson in many ways become the face of sadness and thoughtfulness.

The dark side is a legacy from his father.

” I’m a copy of him. My dad was a bricklayer, he was no musikmänniska, he didn’t even have the discs at home. So that is not the way, but as a human being. He has shaped me into who I am, ” he says.

Jananders taught Magnus the importance of showing emotions.

” It was my dad. He has taught me that it’s not so damn dangerous that to cry is a man.

"So much better" airs tonight at 20.00 on TV4. SEE ALSO Jill Johnson in tears after the separation


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