Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dylan gives the signs of life around the Nobel prize 2016 – Expressen

Bob Dylan was the year the nobel prize in literature.

After five days of silence will now, the first livstecknet from the star around the price.

On Bob Dylan’s website has any namely, updated information on his latest book, with the text line “the Winner of the Nobel prize in literature”.

At lunchtime on Thursday revealed the Swedish Academy that year’s nobel Laureate in literature is the american recording artist, songwriter and writer Bob Dylan, 75. Since then, he has been praised by other writers and artists – but from Bob Dylan himself has the silence been palpable. He has not yet made a public statement about the price.

But after five days have now a small sign of life in any case been from the star’s hold. On Bob Dylan’s website has a small range about the Nobel prize been looking into the secret.

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Bob Dylan’s website up to date

Under the tab “books” on the home page has Bob Dylan’s new book “Lyrics 1961-2012″ has been added to the works. Where marketed the book with a small number of artist’s nobel Prize.

“the Winner of the Nobel prize in literature”, it is to read about the book.

in Addition to this, there are few characters from the Bob Dylan right now. The Swedish Academy’s permanent secretary Sara Danius recently told Kulturnytt that they have given up the quest of the artist.

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the Swedish Academy gives up the hunt

She then stated that the Academy has contact with a close associate of Bob Dylan, but they don’t do anything to get a reply from the winner of the prize.

” We sit still in the boat and I’m not worried, I have a feeling that Bob Dylan can get. It is a feeling I could be wrong, it is, of course, if he does not do it. But in such cases, the award is his and we can, in a way not to take responsibility for what happens now, he does not want to come so he does not want to come. It will be a big party anyway and the award is, as said, his and that is what is important, said Sara Danius then.

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