Monday, October 31, 2016

Mia Skäringer about their disease: ”Agony” – Aftonbladet

Mia Skäringer tells in TV4:s "Hellenius corner" about his burnout and how she ripped out his body by working hard without never slow down. The doctors gave her a ultimatum: Drag down on the job, otherwise we risk to be seen at the morgue.

“I was so bad, I had fear of death,” she says in the program.

Mia Skäringer has been on sick leave for half a year, it was during one "Purl Maria", as she felt that it was something that was wrong, she started to pull away before the performances, was grumpy and had trouble to breathe.

– Psykist, I felt pretty stable, but my body slowly began to lay off, it was the breathing I had to fight with. It is horrible, but to generally get the oxygen to the end did I start to yawn, I developed some way to get down in the chest and get a deep breath, ” she says in the program.

It was what got her to see a doctor, she felt dizziness and that she could faint anytime. The doctor saw immediately that it was something that was not right, and gave her an ultimatum: Let me sick you, otherwise, the next time we meet be in a morgue. SEE ALSO Mia Skäringers own words about the disease

"I had the fear of death"

During the period, she had several projects going, including the second season of "Ack Värmland", but also the production of "the Centenarian who climbed out the window and disappeared" was at the time.

” I was so bad, I had the agony, I began to wonder if I would remain with my children, so badly I felt. It is difficult with the burnout, it is difficult to prove how ill you are for someone and suddenly you get to a point where the job is very unimportant. Skäringer rages after påhoppet on Schumer out of Patience the end: "I will be a fucking Badass"

Spent time with the kids

Mia Skäringer, who otherwise travel a lot for work during his sjukskrivningperiod spent a lot of time with their children at home, among other things, helped with homework, and arranged for refreshments.

“It’s awful that it should need to go so far for you to be at home,” she says during the program.

"Hellenius hörna" broadcast Sundays at 20.00 on TV4. SEE ALSO PLUS "They say You were so ugly in the tv-box"


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