Monday, October 31, 2016

Måns Zelmerlöw exposed to stenattack – Expressen

Måns Zelmerlöw was forced to suspend the filming of their new music video, after several people threw stones toward the site.

the Artist then had to seek shelter in a car, and the police was called.

– Get a knytnävsstor stone in the head from 10-15 meters in height, then you die, ” says director Mikael Gustafsson to the Mälarö Journal.

It was at the weekend as the Eurovision Song Contest-the winner Måns Zelmerlöw, 30, was forced to cancel a musikvideoinspelning on the basis of stone throwing.

the Artist recorded the music video for the new single “Glorious” at the quarry in Stenhamra close to Stockholm, when he got the stone against itself, writes Mälarö Journal.

“When we had set up our stuff noticed one of our workers that the stones collapsed down next to him from one of the edges,” says the director and producer Mikael Gustafsson to the newspaper.

Kamerateamet should have been able to hear how people were moving in the woods above the quarry from where the shooting took place.

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When it was thrown large stones that landed close to both the people and the cars were forced to Zelmerlöw seek protection, and the recording be canceled.

– Get a knytnävsstor stone in the head from 10-15 meters in height, then you die. We also have an equipment worth a few million, ” says Gustafsson.

he tells me that He cried on the gärningspersonerna and asked them to stop, but to stenkastningen despite the fact it should have continued. Therefore, he called the police.

We stood in the dark while giggling young people stood up and threw a stone at us for about an hour. It was so fucking dangerous. And it is an uncomfortable feeling not knowing if something is going to come barreling down towards the head.

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the Recording was delayed by several hours while waiting for help from the police, but when they came they had stenkastarna disappeared. There are no persons or equipment shall have been damaged.

Because the police could not arrest someone, they have now made a complaint of attempt to assault.

“the Investigation will show whether there will be any suspicion in the future,” says Lena Törnblom Löfquist, kommunpolis on the island of Ekerö to Mälarö Journal.

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